It's a bit warm and they are whining, babies!

As you can it is warm here in Central POORegon but not HAWT (I borrowed that from Pissed over at Feral Irishman). I had 97 at schloss Homer today and by West Texas standards, 97 is just another day out on the range. In case you might have forgotten, I am from West Texas and am proud of that.

I recall a particularly very hot day when I was around eight or nine back in Texas and fell asleep by the pool. I woke up with a nasty, very dangerous. blistered sunburn on my back, back of my legs and neck, ears etc. that required a trip to the emergency room, dunking me a whirlpool full of ice and an overnight stay in the hospital. Temperature that day was 118 degrees. I was extremely sick for two weeks and learned my lesson about trolling for skin cancer at a very young age. That is HAWT!

Just another reason to drink more IPA's!

Compared to the rest of country we get off easy here, for the most part. So when I hear sniveling, whining, and whimpering about the 'heat' here it tends to make me want to tell these babies to f--k off and just deal with it. Go back to the swillamette valley where they have cracked 100 degrees with a lot more humidity. Still, it does not stretch into weeks or months here. 102 in Portland, they deserve to roast in there own swill up there. nasty, nasty city is what Portland is. You can toss in all the large cities on the left side of the Cascades into that last comment.

Babies, and the biggest babies are the flatlanders who are transplants here from Falikornia and other parts of the country. If you cannot take a little then get the heck out of Central POORegon. The less of you here, the better!

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Nick said...

Excessive heat's not really something I have to bother about very often! Snowdrifts, icy roads, digging cars out, & driving up and down hills when all you can see out the side windows is a wall of white on either side, remembering to take food, a hot flask & a sleeping bag with you every time you get aboard your car, that sort of thing is more like it ... my favourite is horizontal snow - or when it's blowing right at you and you get the "Star Trek" effect ... all good fun!

PatriotUSA said...

I love that sort of weather, Nick. Always have. Go prepared and 4x4 made it quite easy and if one uses common sense, it all works out.

Of course common sense is not very common anymore, at least stateside it ain't.