Is it 1962 or is it 2012? Red Nightmare

Is it 1962 or is it 2012? 

This is eerie and very close to home. I remember the communist threat and how it was played up and rightfully so. The red scare was prevalent in our schools back in 1950's-1960's and now we have it squatting in the White House and all through our government.

The parallels to today are mind numbing but not shocking. We allowed this to happen and we need to take RESPONSIBILITY and vote on November 6th to start the change to restore America and AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus will not accept defeat nor will he go quietly into the night.

Neither will I and neither should YOU.

"This film was produced by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1962. Host Jack Webb warns Americans what it would be like under communism and that their responsibility to see that it doesn't slide in that direction is a privilege.

In the film, an ordinary American family is featured, and then it is contrasted with what that family would be like if America were living under communism.

Take a look at many of the recent changes that have been happening in the United States government in recent years -- especially the many programs of the Department of Homeland Security. Could America morphing into the very thing about which Jack Webb was warning folks in the early 1950's?"

Hat tip: Findalis from Monkey In The Middle 

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