6,360 Battles

There are battles and then there are battles.  6,360 is Michael's tally.  YOU, PatriotUSA (with 4,145) have a few to go if we're going to keep count - but as a friend I shall not go there!  Still - you are MIA for about 72 hours now and concern is growing. 

Lack of notes, tweets, posts, tells me you are in the midst of a battle.  We want you around for another couple of thousand posts.  White lights on you friend.


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PatriotUSA said...

Thank you, Andrea.

EM sent to you, do not worry to much.
I am covered by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross and have had to
gather some pieces of me that got
scattered about after Thursday.

Apologies for the silence but it
was necessitated by events I cannot share here.

Just gotta trust me. back soon, I PROMISE!