Too many demons tonight..........Madman Across The Water

His best song by far. 

Early stuff was his best.

1970-1971 was about HORSEPOWER, FAST CARS, and to run an ET under 11.25 seconds.

I was considered a loser because of my my taste in music and I did NOT like the Beatles. 

I still don't and I only lost TWO races once my 1964 Dodge was built. Just under 600 H.P. and was one bad ass car. Ate Fords, Chevy's, Goats for lunch and dinner.

Get over it already.

Hanging out at the foot of the CROSS tonight and so many know what I mean. PatriotUSA

Severely haunting... "take my world and I'm a madman don't' ya know"

So where to now St. Peter,
If it's true I'm in your hands?

"Country comfort's any truck that is goin' home"

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