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This Friday "O"Barack Hussein Obama (that would be Osama Barack Hussein Obama) is scheduled to sign the UN Arms Treaty. I feel confident anyone reading this blog is well aware of this treaty but just in case - in a nutshell - it is to disarm American citizens and leave guns in the hands of our government and criminals.

Word was that it would not be ratified in the Senate, but then came Aurora - and the calls to disarm grow. We all know what yellow bellies politicians can be - now is not the time to let up on our Senators who are known to flip at the least bit of pressure!

Please, bookmark and use these pages!  Senators @ Twitter and Senators web and e-mail addresses.  They are tools to have your voice heard! You DO make a difference! 
PatriotUSA - HUGE thank you for allowing me to post here!

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PatriotUSA said...

I am honored to have you grace this site, Andrea.

The treaty is a nefarious gaffe and will put the USA under international law.

One look at who is in favor of this farce of a treaty should be enough to make all of us shiver day and night.

It is up to US. Please do your part and let out politicians know this is so very wrong!