scarred for life

I was listening to a bit of AC/DC earlier and from there, naturally progressed to Rose Tattoo. I remember the first album of theirs I heard, back in the eighties. I remember going on European tours with my rucksack on, doing the youth hostel thing (back when I was young enough to do that). There was some great music around at that time, I had some tapes of Midnight Oil and Randy California, I remember listening to Randy California when I was aboard a train travelling alongside the Rhine one brilliant afternoon. Grace Under Pressure by Rush was another album I listened to during one of my trips. Jack Kerouac has a lot to answer for, I used to see a lot of people reading "On the Road" aboard trains and sitting in youth hostels etc. Not many people seemed to know "Dharma Bums" though.

Anyhow, I started listening to some of the old bands earlier today, and remembered reading Colby Buzzell's book about his time in the American Army. The soldiers used to have playlists on their iPods etc as they rode into battle. I started thinking about some suitable music to play, if you were driving into hostile territory, and I went right back to Angry Anderson and the Australian boys.

I was once travelling through Europe and ended up in Luxembourg City. I kipped out on a park bench that night, I ended up catching a train into Germany the next day. The reason I recall that just now is that Mad Max 3 was showing in a cinema in Luxembourg City, and I went in to see it. I thought it was a good movie, and I was probably the only person in the place who knew who Ironbar was. Enough of my rambling, here's some music.

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