Hope and Change claims 2008 Obama kool aid drinker

This is just what the first muslim illegal alien potus does not need.

I do not believe the American people are stupid enough to re-elect the liar and thief. He will have to steal the election or seize control. Military and Law enforcement will never turn against the American people. I could be wrong.

Hat tip: The Last Refuge and Chicks On The Right.

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PISSED said...


TexasFred said...

I have a lot of Law Enforcement and some military contacts and they contend that Obama would lose, at minimum, 75% of ALL police and military if he were to use EO to ban guns or take over America as a dictator..

MrG's said...

Saw the video and shamelessly ripped it off and gave you the props for it.

Thank you

PatriotUSA said...


Steal away and thivery is HIGHLY encouraged here.

Chicks On The Right, gotta love 'em.

Thanks for the link back, much appreciated.

Fred, I KNEW you would toss in your .45' worth, Thanks you!

Pissed, thanks for picking up WC torch, and more! :)

Andrea said...

What's that about kool-aid drinkers? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyGXR2gXLfQ