Poverty with a view: Too much Kool Aid and the earth is flat!

Commentary, opinions pulled from the local daily fish wrapper, from around the Pacific Northwest with additional commentary from yours truly, one who has the affliction known hereabouts as 'permagrump', PatriotUSA.

Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high.


I had never heard the term Poverty With A View until we moved from the Swillamette Valley over to Central Oregon about eight years ago. Is this a uniquely Central Oregon term? I am thinking no, probably not but when something fits really well you have to run with it. Besides, who am I to question possible greatness in regard to such a term? Being the thief that I am, this works really well. Honor among thieves is alive and well with this ragged PATRIOT.

Republicans need to stop pointing finger at obama.

No we don't and maybe these dreamers will wake up to the nightmare when it starts wrecking their lives and the lives of their children. We can only pray and hope that real change will start this November.

When one lives in a somewhat isolated region and worse yet, resides in the bastard stepchild town where we live, are vilified by the morally bankrupt (all the cool hipster wanna be progressive kool aid slurpers are down the road in Bend, where they are so uptight they never see the sun if you catch my drift) one would think we still do not indoor plumbing, our internet is a phone on the wall with a crank handle and bells on top.

Residing here does has it's rewards. You get to know some of the local people who churn out letters to the editor or to the Weekly Fire Starter (The Source) who are quick to condemn anything that smacks of Conservative or Right thinking. Seems to be that these oh so politically correct, multicultural and diversified people are completely deaf, dumb and really blind. They hail obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus as one of our greatest, most exceptional presidents.

I am an old school guy who likes gears, pulleys, belts, AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, capitalism and industry. I do not care for or embrace the newest technology and probably never will. Give me something with a gearbox, transmission, cam, lifters, spacers, bushings clutch, bearings, belts, grease, oil, barrel, cylinder, bullets, powder, scope and I can figure it out. That is why I got into restoring, collecting, selling vintage and antique electric fans.

I also love to read the newspaper in the morning. The feel of newsprint, the smell of ink (not so much anymore as now almost inks are 'green' and with green away went that wonderful 'toxic' smell of the older inks and dyes) is something I cherish. I know, silly, dumb ass  bass ackward, hill whomper that I am, realizes that newspapers will be gone in the next ten, maybe fifteen years. You get to know the morons from both sides who have to tell the rest of us how wrong we are. Especially if you happen to reside on the right side of things like I do. 

If the earth was flat these bike riding, military hating, queer embracing, vegan, vegetarian, prius loving, commie hugging, have not seen an entitlement program they did not like environasis, would walk right off the left side with the rest of the sheeple who voted us into this mess back in 2008. But of course to it is still all Bush's fault. Ask some of them WHY they voted for the liar, thief in 2008 and it is because "I am a liberal, progressive, democrat" (insert traitor or socialist for many of them) or my favorite, because he is BLACK."

As stated many times before, for me it is NOT about skin color, not at all.

Enter one kool aid slurping, brainwashed loon from far fringes of the far left, Carlos Wysling.

You just cannot make up stupid like this these idiots can.

From the Bend Bulletin which is NOT a Conservative newspaper.


Republicans need to stop pointing finger at Obama 
By Carlos Wysling

In this age where a devastating economic disaster was visited upon our country starting in 2007, we had the foresight to elect in 2008 a president with the intellect, balance and long-range purpose as Barack Obama. 

 Since then, despite the overt declaration of Republican leaders (right after the election) that their No. 1 goal was to ensure that Obama would have a one-term presidency, Obama has steadfastly maintained a course based on solid policies to set the country on the road to recovery. Many of these policies were crafted with the idea of bipartisanship, much to dismay of some of his liberal base. 

 Often, the rabid opposition cries out that “Obama had two years of majorities in the Congress and accomplished nothing.” The concrete list of accomplishments notwithstanding, the president maintains an honorable and respectful attitude towards all. From the stimulus packages that helped rescue the stock market from the edge of the precipice to the bailout of the U.S. auto industry to the Equal Pay Act for Women to the Affordable Care Act, the administration has kept its eye firmly on what is good for the country. 

Really? Like I said you cannot make this level of stupid up

A large number of Republicans denounce Obama for persistently reminding Americans of the disaster he found upon arriving at the White House: “Stop blaming Bush,” they demand. But the reminder of the Bush years is prescient and carries a larger message than simple “blame.” It links the current clamor of the right, “cut taxes, eliminate regulations and free up the corporations” to exactly what was done during the Bush years that ultimately culminated with the disastrous results we have experienced. No matter what amount of written articles and taped interviews show the contradictions of Republicans in the pre- and post-Obama era, they insist that they are right. Regardless of having strongly supported Bush-era bailouts, unfunded pharmaceutical benefits and the unfunded invasion of Iraq, they unapologetically continue to attack Obama with juvenile epithets of “Marxist” and “socialist.” 

But taxing, over regualting us is our way out of the train wreck of statist policies?

Perhaps, the recent Supreme Court decision which was crafted by Chief Justice John Roberts in a surprise move could show the way in these acrimonious and divided times. A very conservative judge all his life, Roberts saw that it was not the court’s role to make or eliminate laws. He emulated opinions of chief justices past that searched for aspects of the law that could be preserved and thus reaffirmed the ever-important constitutional principle of separation of powers between the three branches of government.

It is a TAX, stupid!

The United States did not become great because of small and petty thinking. It became great because its leaders have, throughout our history, been able to allow the visionaries to lead the way with their inspired ideas. The good politicians (and there are so many from both political parties) have been able to allow opponents their say and consider the value of their contributions ,and in that way arrive at a position that could satisfy the reasonable. The fringes, either on the right or the left (and I include myself in this group) will often feel misrepresented in some major decisions, but the final product would often be good for the country as a whole. 

Like removing the first muslim illegal alien from the White House will be!

Unfortunately, reality brings us Mitt Romney, who leads the pack in contradicting documented Republican positions, by adding the biggest of them all: “Romneycare” that he instituted in Massachusetts with great success and that eventually became the basis for “Obamacare”! Romney is fond of saying the he “will repeal ‘Obamacare’ on his first day,” despite clear evidence that both programs are virtually the same. It is like the poster circulating on the Web these days: 

 “If President Obama came out in support of oxygen, the Republicans would asphyxiate themselves.” God bless us all.

 — Carlos Wysling lives in Bend 

With so many other of the other lemmings.

Original source is here.

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Nick said...

I was thinking about your earlier post re. the idealised notion some people have of nature.

My folks have a seagoing background, as you know. And let me tell you, I've seen enough boats lost to know that going out past the end of the pier is not an easy way to make a living. Some stupid politician or greenie having a little sail on a lake has nothing at all to do with what my dad & grandas did for a living.

Anyhow: this idealised notion of nature, can that not be extended to their idealised notion of all brown-skinned people, & THEIR fascination with the thoughtcrime of "racism". The idea of the noble savage etc, and the corrupting influence of the white man - which itself is totally racist btw.

Is that not an essential plank in the rickety old intellectual shack they've built & expect us all to live in?