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You silly people and slaggards thought I might be hitting you all up for some help via donations but as needy as we are here in central POORegon, I am posting this up to help a fine person and outstanding fellow blogger, Findalis. This individual has the most excellent blog Monkey In The Middle.

This is straight from MITM about Findalis:

"I'm in my 50's, Female, Widowed, Mother of 2 grown children. I was born in Queens, NY, raised in Brooklyn and have the accent to prove it. I'm a veteran of the US Air Force. I worked as a Translator and Analyst. My theater of expertise was the Middle East. Just an NCO here. No need to salute me. I'm currently in semi-retirement, been outsourced once too often. I'm neither a conservative nor liberal. I am liberal on some issues and conservative on others. I vote my conscience. But on one issue I am very outspoken: The threat of Islamic Fascism and the security of the State of Israel!"

Pretty simple and straight to the point. I can assure you that Findalis is of stout morality and character, honest as they come. We have known each other via stealing posts from each other and knowing other like minded bloggers, for a few years now. She is on the up and up, spot on straight (That's for you, Nick) and would NOT be asking for assistance is she did not need the help. Make note that she is a veteran and understands better than most the threats from islam and it's bastard son, sharia law.

So if you able to, please help out please, and before you all bother to ask, I already sent some help her way. Hope you can too. Oatmeal three times a day? By the way, whatever amount you can send is fine.

Oh yeah, our Internet is FINALLY working well, bad modem as I suspected. No guarantees I can work through the pain and lack of time for more posts but will do my best or worst depending on who is reading this.

Stolen with honor and respect from Monkey In The Middle.


Please Sir, Will You Donate

To Monkey in the Middle.

I don't like to beg, but with electric rates tripling, and my phone bill skyrocketing and my income stagnant, I am asking you, My Truth Seeker to donate a few bucks (dollars even).  Without extra funds may not have electricity, internet, phone or even food.  It is a case of robbing from Paul to pay Peter.  Pay two bills and I go on half-rations, beans and rice, or even oatmeal 3 times a day.  A great diet, but hard on the body.

Just click on the buttons on the right or the bottom of this posting and it will do the rest.

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Thank you.

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Nick said...

The code for that "donate" button appears to go to the main, default Paypal screen, not to a "donate to this particular person" screen.

PatriotUSA said...

I think I got the link fixed. Should go to Findalis/Monkey In The MIddle PP page now.

Nick said...

You know I was watching a video a couple of days ago and a semi-crazy idea hit me - it was a national geographic programme about "preppers" in America, people who, not entirely without reason, are getting ready for a situation where America is in trouble, in one way or another (economic disaster, possible EMP attack, etc.)

I keep thinking about Colby Buzzell's book about America today, with so many people living hand to mouth, pretty desperate stuff - that book was a real eye-opener, as was his first one about fighting in Iraq.

So anyway, I remembered someone I used to know who set up their own website, and one of the things they did was set up a list on amazon, so that people could buy stuff on their list & it was sent automatically to them, no addresses involved, all secure, cause it's all done through Amazon, no mucking around with paypal, all you needed was your own amazon account, which I guess everyone has nowadays.

So I thought it might be worth thinking about setting up a "Monthly Shop" kind of thing, a shopping list on Amazon so that anyone can easily send items on it to our colleague Findalis.

The thing is, you can get almost anything from Amazon nowadays - I've used it for all sorts of stuff, including food, which you can get as easy as you like. Living where I do, sometimes it's easier to shop online rather than go traipsing around the countryside looking for decent shops. And you know something, there are some great items on Amazonn's "Grocery" section - I've had a good look. (The US site is probably better in that regard than the UK one, I have to say.)

So one could easily set up a semi-permanent list on a website, for "prepping" for the day when the nasty stuff hits the revolving electical appliance - except that day's already here, Obama's in.

Or something like that ... as they say in wrestling, it might be a way to 'sell' the issue to people, you know, get them clicking their mouse, & just send a couple things each month. Maybe, just an idea there ..

I know we've talked a little about the financial situation we're all finding ourselves in right now, for one reason or another, but at the same time we all need to help one another out if we can.

These websites and blogs allow us to talk and discuss certain issues which we are all concerned about, and there's some useful information to be had on them as well (Findalis in particular has written some good essays over quite a period of time. If you go back through her blog there's some good stuff there.)

But there are people behind these websites, and we're all part of a little group, so far as I'm concerned, and the older I get the more I see that as being as important as the websites themselves. How can I put this? I really do think that the world is in such a state that in a sense, we are having to "choose sides" - there are plenty people out there who appear hell bent on dragging our world into catastrophe, and they'd like nothing better than to see small independent bloggers who speak the truth about the world today go under. So we have to help out the people who are on our "side" if we can.

I don't know if I put that especially well, it just came out unprepared after half a night's sleep, but I hope you get the gist ..


Nick said...

Actually I'm just looking through Amazon just now, and there are some real bargains! Way better prices than the local supermarkets, and you can get free delivery as well. This could be the way to go (I spent a fortune in the local supermarkets every month, it's outrageous!)

PatriotUSA said...

you message received no problem and I know a few 'preppers' via online. Interesting folks and some of them will be here in a blink if i put out a call or message. :)

Some I want ZERO to do with.

I think your idea has a ton of merit and I have an amazon account and use it occasionally BUT they are a very far left company and in allegiance with much of what I loathe, the far left. Know what you mean about getting fleeced at the market. Where we live is fairly isolated and all comes in by truck or rail, or very expensive air shipping. Really FRESH, high quality seafood is very, very hard to find and I am quite picky.
We spend about $500.00-$600.00 on just food for four of us when our daughter is home from university, like now. I skimp on meals for myself to ensure me family has enough to eat. My appetite is poor anyway of late. Severe pain does that to you

Gotta go for now, a little break in the rainy weather and I have to take AJ for one of his limpies.
Down to one a day for me from three cuz of pain but the Mrs. and daughter are making sure he gets all his walkies.

Very glad we know each other Nick and maybe in a better time we would come visit your neck of the world. If we did I am thinking we would NOT want to leave.

Nick said...

Well you know I have no problem getting fresh fish, in fact I have a fantastic shop literally just round the corner, as far as that goes.

I recently went to a local fish and chip shop and had a monk fish supper, it was the best fish supper I've ever had - cost me £12 but worth every penny. All fresh, made to order - just first class, I have to say.

So I've no worries on that score, although it's too expensive to do regularly. A tin of Stagg chilli from Asda is more the norm ...

If I won the lottery this weekend (I'd have to actually buy a ticket mind you) the third thing I' d do would be to drive into the airport and catch a flight out to Australia where my cousin lives, but since cost would be no option I'd make a point of flying out via the States, & pay you a visit before heading "down under"

The second thing I'd do, before I left, would be to drive up to the Glenfiddich distillery at Dufftown & buy a crate of high quality painkiller, so I wouldn't be turning up at your door empty-handed!

The very first thing I'd do though, would be to phone my work, and explain one or two things to them, haha ...

Nick said...


just up the road ...

Nick said...

Can I just say that it was my intention to try to help out a little at the end of the month, having done a bit of overtime in May, which would now be coming through, a month in arrears. Unfortunately I'm now signed off work & I don't know how long that's going to be the state of affairs, and even if I get back, all overtime is cancelled for me - drs orders. So the way things are shaping up, I'll be on the porridge diet as well, looks like. Oh well, it's not the first time and I don't suppose it'll be the last.