New site from a dear freind: WELCOME LADYRAVEN!

OK, the pain demons have temporarily left  me a bit of room so I can get a couple of posts up. I think Dr. Ezra might have just a little bit to do with this but know better than to think about this too much.

This is a fine moment and is right up there with hitting 4,000 posts as far as I am concerned, more important and noteworthy. 

This is about the return of very dear friend and blogger, Ladyraven. She has a new site and it is still under construction so be patient but please do add to your list of awesome sites you follow. 

Trust me on this one and I rarely say that, for good reason(s). AJ does not know any better as I feed him and spoil him.

What a fine name for a new site, Whiskey In A Jar.  The decanter is just top deck all the way. Sure wish I had one that was full and unopened. Oh well, can't have everything, can we?


If you need to know anything about Ladyraven, this is right from the new site. Nice and simple except for one little detail: Cigars are relevant to life, just my opinion

About Ladyraven: “Bible thumpin - gun clinger.  Anything else is irrelevant.”


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Zilla said...

That's awesome. I like LadyRaven a lot! I'll add her to my blogroll right now. Thank you for letting me know!

PatriotUSA said...

My pleasure and just remember to be a bit patient as she builds up the new site.

Glad you dropped by and hope you are doing better.