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Help poor ole' PatriotsUSA out and make CG look good and me look like a genius!

Vote for Copious Gasser: PatriotUSA needs YOUR help

Seems like I have gotten myself into a bit of jam by nominating a rather new site to be in the running in regard to win this contest; Who Is the Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award.  And no, I purposely DID NOT asked for Patriot's Corner to be tossed into the contest as I am here for other reasons. It is not about number of hits, visits, Rule 5 babes, etc. for me or my site. One thing CG mentioned is that my site is pretty serious and yes, it is. We live in very serious, dangerous times times.

Those of you who do know me and have been around since the beginning know that I can be extremely mean, sarcastic, rude and a real SOB to those who I do not like for various libreal, communist, socialist, progressive statist reasons. Bring me an environazi, far left hippie fairie freak loser, followers of the death cult of islam, gun hating moron or those who drink the Kool Aid and see how they are treated by me.

BTW CG, I do have natural snark but choose to use it  judiciously and wisely. Nothing wrong with what you do at all or I would not be pimping your site for votes, right? Just because you kind of threatened me has nothing to do with this post.

This contest was started several weeks ago by another blogger called Conservative BC who you can find here at I'm41.com. I came across this site called Copious Gasser. I cannot remember how I ended up at CG's site but it is pretty funny place. CG is not beyond attacking, snarking, slashing and beating anyone's site, comments or emails they post or send to him. Oh yeah, now I remember how I ended up at CG's; I sent him an email asking to be added to his blogroll. Foolish person that he is complied with my request and it has been downhill, sideways and quite entertaining from there to here. 

OK, OK, I am getting to the main point. After discovering this contest I asked Conservative BC to add Copious Gasser to his contest and he did so at midnight last night. So now CG expects, no, is demanding that I promote his site here to help him gets as many votes as possible in this contest for the SOB award. After some email exchanges and rather rude treatment by CG, I can, without any doubts, assure all of you that CG is not only worthy of this award but he is an equal opportunity SOB  (no one, I mean no one is safe and that is just one reason that he one awesome, a finely tuned SNARK MACHINE) and right up in the top five SOB's on the blogosphere as far as I see it..

The competition is very heavy and there are a lot of great, big gun blogs competing in this contest so I, PatriotUSA have come begging, empty beer bottles in hand to beg, no whine and grovel for any and all of you to go over and vote for Copious Gasser. NO back stabbing on your votes. I am counting on each and every one of you to help Copious Gasser and me out with your votes for him. You must vote for CG and that is all there is to it. If he does not fare well in this contest, each one of us will pay a steep and painful price from his revenge and paybacks, especially yours truly. After all, CG is one fine SOB, master of snark and mayhem.

I must add a note of warning and caution here. There is a thing called Rule 5 which always involves images of scantily clad or fully naked ladies and these are usually hidden behind an icon of some sort. Copious Gasser's site has Rule 5 babes as do many of the other sites that are in the running for this award. I see nothing wrong with this and CG is quite up front about Rule 5 in his disclaimer which everyone should read. CG also will put Rule 5 images of men for the ladies or perhaps the queers that may wander over to his site. Rule 5 is one sure way to bring a ton of hits, visits to your site, nothing wrong with this. Many great, Conservative, larger sites incorporate Rule 5 and good for them! That said, I have purposely decided NOT TO DO RULE 5 images here at Patriot's Corner. Just my personal choice for my site and the purpose for PC is as mentioned earlier, pretty serious. I do enjoy looking and appreciate the female body and no, I am not frickin' queer so lose than thought right now! These RULE 5 images are NSFW(not suitable for work) so if you open any up, take care where you open them up at!

Here is where you can go to vote and here is where you can find Copious Gasser and Conservative BC.

Vote here!!! Now, and that is an order. Voting only goes to June 5th so time is of the essence!

Voting Now Open — Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award

 Copious Gasser

I'm41 BC's great site in case you want to just check him out.

OK CG, here it is and I hope you will get off my case now. You snark and threat has totally wrecked my beer and whiskey inventory. Now I HAVE TO go to the store, damn it. Just one more way CG can get to you and he should really pay me for this post. I am sure he will and it will not be pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Great review of my site. Thanks for the post. Glad I finally got you to let out a little steam and rant a bit.

In case anyone doesn't know, I don't take myself nearly as serious as PatriotUSA leads you to believe.

Findalis said...

Just posted it at Monkey in the Middle.

Hope it helps.

PatriotUSA said...

CG, ya that is true about not being as serious and mean as I make you out to be. Part of that is just me having some fun at your expense, my FRIEND. And you know I have few of those. I am poor so I just don't have the scratch to buy friends anymore, sniff, sniff.

PISSED said...

Thanks for stopping at The Feral Irishman , Patriot USA

You have been added to the blgoroll!!


PatriotUSA said...

Thank you very much and I am honored.

Please feel free to steal anything from here, honor among thieves and all that rot but I have always encouraged theft for re-posts elsewhere as long as proper is given and a link back is left.

Thanks again for the putting me on your blogroll.

Nick said...

Some great links there to blogs I hadn't come across before.

Thanks especially for the grade 5 pictures but as documented here already I am currently suffering from the well known medical condition of throbbing balls, so I'm not sure if visiting those sites actually did me any good ...

PatriotUSA said...

Maybe you should pack your bullocks in a bag of ice, Nick.

Did you vote for Copious Gasser yet?

Do not make me stop this car!