Anatomy Of Terror: A 1974 Gov't publication form Rhodesia-1974. WARNING: Very Violent, Graphic images

Updated and revised: A long and violent post unfolds below.

Terrorism in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: Rare Booklet: Anatomy of Terror, bloody hell terror in Rhodesia.

The Original post dates back to April, 2010. 

A bit of recent news about Jan who I worked with for a while until he pulled down his sites African Crisis and AmericanCrisis due to harassment, severe hacking attacks on his sites, and threats from the Zuma government and others, in South Africa. Jan grew up in Rhodesia and is very knowledgeable about Southern African history. He lived through, witnessed the side of apartheid and the genocidal race wars that we here in the West seldom heard about. It was under reported in my opinion.When Jan made me aware of the book that is highlighted in the post that follows I knew I had to share this on Patriot's Corner. Many of Jan's friends are black or what they call 'coloured' in South Africa. This is NOT considered a racist slur there at all. I conversed by email with some of Jan's friends and verified this fact and many others. They all backed up what Jan shared with me as factual, down to the last detail and that he was an honest person, to a fault. Jan dropped off my radar and I did get a few emails from him alerting me that he had pulled his sites down for the reasons stated above. I really hoped he was able to archive the really important, revealing historical posts he had up on his two sites. South Africa is in deep turmoil with a failing infrastructure, very high unemployment (especially among non-whites) and a skyrocketing crime rate. Jan had several close calls before I lost track of him, including his home being broken into twice if I recall correctly.

What got me recalling this post is one that Copious Gasser posted up on genocide last week, which is quite good. It does not go into any great depth or a lot of details but the article is not written that way at all. It is a snapshot of genocide, which was meant to encourage dialogue about genocide. CG's post was extremely successful in all areas. 

Read the comments here on his post Genocide.

Here is his summary:

"Genocide is not just a historical event, but one that has pervaded human kind throughout history and continues to this day. By recognizing that any society can devolve into the insanity of genocide, we are more able to recognize the signs and attempt to prevent it.

Rather than expound on some issues, I’ve only lightly touched on some of them in this post. Feel free to explore in detail if you wish".

We here in the United States are now closer to genocide breaking out than ever before in our history.
When this was posted back in 2010 obama, the first muslim illegal alien POTUS was well on his way to dividing our country, polarizing the races, and continuing his class, economic, social and political warfare to bring ruination to America. This is a man who hates American exceptionalism, the American military, our system of economy, is a racist, is anti-Semitic and has aligned himself with many of the most racist polarizing people alive today. The names soros, farrakhan, wright, dorn, ayers, powers, sharpton, crump are names that are doing all they can to fulfill obama's call to ruin America. Almost everything obama has done is pushing the United States closer to edge of the abyss of rampant genocide breaking out. The liberal statist progressives have control of the media,  the educational system from kindergarten to college and refuse to report the truth to the American people. Look for this to become much worse as the November election draws near. The assault on the Conservative movement and Americans is in full attack mode with the blessing of obama and his ilk. Our Constitution has been openly circumvented by this false charlatan who is nothing but an illegal alien occupier of the White House.

When one looks at how the LSM reported and lied about the facts of the Travon Martin killing, how obama gushed on about if he had a son he would look like Travon, how the LSM refuses to report black on white crimes or even black on black crimes, it does not take an expert or historian to tell us that we are on the brink of a disaster, washed in violence and bloodshed. Now Zimmerman is back in jail, the race baiting hatred has begun anew, fueled by the LSM and the rabid hatemongers of the left.

Please feel free, as always to steal and share anything you find posted up here. Steal with honor and be sure to give proper credit and leave a link back is all I ask. PatriotUSA


From April 25, 2010

In a follow up to the start of working with Jan from South Africa, I am  (with reservations due to the violent, gruesome images) am posting this very rare, hard to find book that the Government of Rhodesia published in 1974. The victims are almost all black and this is not by accident. The victims in this book were picked out for either working with or for white people. These so called 'liberators' used torture, violence, rape, murder and massive destruction of life and property to terrorize an entire country. That was their goal. This was the reality of liberation and it continues today in the unrest that is percolating and starting to boil over in Southern Africa. If you have a weak constitution you may want to skip this post. There are over 20 images with titles and comments right from this book after an introduction by Jan. These images have rarely been seen in the west or outside Southern Africa. Mugabe and many, many others has made sure the horrors depicted in this book continue to this very day. PatriotUSA

Terrorism in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: Rare Booklet: Anatomy of Terror

Introduction from Jan: This is one of the old but important stories from the original AfricanCrisis website that I am converting on to the new site, in the new format.

I remember seeing this booklet when I was a kid growing up in Rhodesia. It was published by the Rhodesian Government and distributed. But these days, finding copies is difficult. I actually got this copy from a Colonel in the South African army. I was absolutely delighted to find it.

There is another Rhodesian Government publication which has a similar theme. It is also a rare booklet. It is called: "Massacre of Innocents" and shows babies that were murdered by the cowardly terrorist trash who came to rule Zimbabwe.

Of course, murder was a tool to get into power and it remained a tool for staying in power. One day, we will discover how many black people Robert Mugabe and his trash have killed and it will shock people. The remains have to be pulled out of rivers, from lake and dam bottoms and from mine shafts. But these photographs show the early days. This is how it started, and now, 40 years later the murder continues. As we say in Africa: A Leopard doesn't change its spots. Jan

Here you will see a very rare publication. It was produced by the Rhodesian Government to show what the black Liberators did to their enemies and to those they suspected of working with the whites. Terrorism was also used as a way of getting the population to go along with them.

Let me explain how terror in the rural areas of Zimbabwe used to work. Note, it was very similar to what was done in Vietnam. Here is a short excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book, Government by Deception, which describes the general modus operandi:-

The Liberators considered anyone who co-operated with the whites to be a "sell-out" or a traitor. They used sheer terror to prevent blacks from being friendly towards the whites. Any moderate black, who co-operated with the whites, was in danger of being beaten, or, worse still, murdered in the most brutal fashion imaginable. The Liberators were not nice, kind, democratic people. They were people who were hungry for power and who used any means to get it. They killed black and white civilians alike in a reign of terror in order to get their way.

It is worth describing shortly, their basic approach. In Zimbabwe, the war was fought in the rural areas, often far away from civilisation. A gang of guerrillas would approach a village and gather together all the people who maybe numbered several hundred. They would try to convince the villagers to support them. They would even teach them politically orientated songs. They would indoctrinate them with Marxist ideology. But then they would warn them of what would happen to a sell-out. They would then pick a man from the audience, to demonstrate to the villagers what they would do to someone who co-operated with the whites. They might pick a man and then start beating him while forcing the villagers to watch. On some occasions they would begin cutting flesh from his living body. A favourite target was to cut a man's ears, or lips off. They might cut his lips off with a knife or a bayonet or even rip them off with pliers. Then they would call his wife and ask her to cook her husband's flesh. Then they would make her eat it. All this would be done in full view of the horrified villagers. They would beat the man, torture him some more and finally bayonet him to death. This, they would declare, is what will happen to anyone who co-operates with the whites.

With out further ado, let us examine some photographs and let them do the talking:

Mr. Chikombe Mazvida had his lips and ears cut off. His wife was forced to cook and eat the flesh:-

The Elim Mission Massacre

In June 1978, terrorists killed 8 British missionaries at Elim Mission. They also killed 4 young children and a 3 week old baby. Note: These missionaries were at a mission station which was dedicated to helping and uplifting the black people. Note in the foreground the corpse of the little baby. These people came in the name of God to help the blacks and this was the thanks they got. It is very similar to the murder of Amy Bhiel, the American girl who came to South Africa's townships to help the blacks:-

Various idiots in the World Council of Churches and other places have been apologists for murders by the black Marxists, saying "they were motivated by love!" Can you believe it? Look at these young women, with pure hearts who had their lives snuffed out like this by Marxist garbage:-

30/01/1974: Anna, an innocent woman, whose upper lip was pulled with a pair of pliers, and hacked off with a rusty bayonet by terrorists.

Freedom Fighters" herded these men, women & children into this hut and then set fire to the thatched roof. I am not sure the exact location of this atrocity. It is most likely in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Such events happened a number of times, even in South Africa:-

Here is a page you can read which will give you an idea of many terrorist acts for which not photos are available. The list below could continue on and on for the next seven years. This is how Robert Mugabe came to power. These were their tactics. Read, and be disgusted.

Top Photo: 28/10/1973: Mr. Mkambe Chiqueqwete, repeatedly shot by terrorists at his village. Twenty-three cartridge cases of communist origin were found at the scene. Motive unknown.

Bottom Photo: 16/04/1974: Four terrorists took Mr. Albert Chigumbuza from his home in the Rusamboarea, accused him of being a "sellout" and shot him 15 times. There was absolutely no connection between Mr. Chigumbuza and the authorities.

17/04/1974: Mr. Chivarenge was the headman of a village. Ten terrorists approached him, accused him of being a "sellout", tied his hands behind his back and shot him. They then shot the 14 cattle which represented the entire village's worldly wealth and then set fire to the village. Mr. Chivarengehad led a blameless life and no motive is apparent.

27/06/1973: The body of one of two Chief's Messengers was found in the Mt. Darwin district. They
were abducted from their village and shot through the back of the head. No motive has been found.

18/01/1974: Six terrorists took schoolteacher Mr. Enias Chakwanya and Mr. Jairos Kachesafrom
their village in the Mt. Darwin district, laid them on the ground and beat them to death with a pole.
The picture shows Mr. Chakwanya's body.

23/09/1974: The body of Mr. Goliat from the Kandeya area who was accused of helping
the Security Forces. His hands were tied, he was made to kneel and shot six times.

04/02/1974: The victim of a triple murder in the Kandeya area.
He was beaten with sticks and shot for no apparent reason.

Take note above of the horrific atrocity of 6 May where a man had his feet chopped off.

04/02/1974: Thirteen terrorists entered a village in the Kandeya area, Darwin District. They took away Messrs. Gehawa and Taderi and the latter's adult son, Mr. Enias. They led them to a footpath near the main Darwin Road, bound their hands, beat them with sticks and shot all three. A senseless killing with no apparent motive.

Shades of things to come. What is different between the senseless shooting of all these cattle in this village and the senseless burning and destroying of white farms in Zimbabwe today? The same old terrorist is at work causing untold senseless suffering just because he craves power.


Are you speechless, shocked? We should all be shocked. This is continuing today. It is not a black or white issue anymore. This is about another form of terrorism that is very close to the top of the pot. Time is all that stands between another blood bath with who knows how many people will be murdered and unaccounted for. That is, until the truth comes just like it has about what happened over 30 years ago. All of the above is relevant for today. If you do not think so then I suggest you go back for more Kool-Aid and stick your head back in the sand or wherever else you had it buried.

Link to Original article: http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=48474

African Crisis
Thanks again to Jan for his assistance and trust.

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Holger Awakens said...


Powerful, shocking and sobering.

What a compelling and damning piece.

Findalis said...

Now your S. African commenter will call you racist again.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, I suppose and I have been
called it before, and will be
again. This is NOT about race,
it is way past that. It is about the truth being told
and exposed.

The chap from SA accused me
of something I never have done
here: saying the USA was so perfect and pristine a country. You and I know we have our
history and faults. I would
never condemn anyone for telling the truth the USA. We have some nasty stuff in our history

That what this is about.
A risk I am willing to take.
It is just names and labels,
Findalis. Bullets, bombs,
machettes and ideologies of
perversion are what kill people.

Thank you for stopping in on
a regualr basis!

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks and I appreciate your
support. I expect more attacks
as I ramp this up over time.