The state of Black America

This is an outstanding video and you must read the opening commentary by KGS who is responsible for a really fine site, Tundra Tabloids.
Just a warning about the video, it has some 'harsh' language in it.
The video was sent in by a Black American to The Manning Report. This guy nails it down and the gentleman in the video will enrage many Black Americans. Why? Simply put he is calling out his fellow blacks as stupid because a black man runs for POTUS and millions of blacks just blindly follow obama, the first black, muslim illegal alien to occupy the White House just because he is black. That is just for starters. It gets better, just trust me on this one.

Talk about calling the kettle black.............I can hear it now, I will be sure to be called a racist again, sigh.

I will state it again. My dislike of obama has NOTHING to do with his skin color. It has everything to do with his hatred of America, capitalism, and most important, his blatant disregard for our Constitution.

Look for posts tomorrow regarding islam and it's evil family member, sharia law.
I admit I have gotten sidetracked and distracted by other events and my extreme dislike for obama and his ilk. Soemtimes it is just too difficult to balance everything and keep it all in perspective.



”Democrats and Liberals are the biggest racists you’ll ever want to see”
A man appears at the 1.44 mark in the vid, whom I liken (respectfully) to a “street wise Thomas Sowell, who knows fully well “the language of the Black street” and how it thinks….and uses it to expose the nonsense that they engage in. They are being manipulated by the Democrats to serve as their voting base, by handing out one entitlement program after another, while they further devastate their societal infrastructure.

They (Democratic operatives) want to keep Blacks bottled up in a victimhood based community dependant upon government largesse, because the Dems are now big time socialists, and the only way that they can deprive more affluent Americans of their liberty (affecting lower income earners as well) is to keep the big time entitlements flowing, which means keeping the hate flowing through class warfare rhetoric which will eventually be made into actual legislation.

(Read = Obama-care)

To do that, you need a permanent dependable voting base, as well as massive influx of illegal migrants to pander to. That’s at the heart of today’s Democrat party agenda, it’s no longer the party of yesteryear, they’re nothing more than full fledged socialist/marxists out to destroy the world’s greatest country.

Hat tip: Sam I Am

Source is here.

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