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American music & English musicians. Multiculturalism does work - sometimes!

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Deb said...

I tend to stay away from the political stuff - it makes my blood pressure go up and I'm doing my damnedest to avoid meds. Listening to Goodnight Irene was a good alternative.

I've subscribed to PC, though it took me a while to find the "subscribe" info on your blog's sidebar. Might want to consider moving it up close and personal to the top so all your visitors will see it, subscribe, and drive you crazy with blabbering comments...much like this one!

PatriotUSA said...

Yeah, I wish I could avoid the meds but when one is an orthopedic (and mental) wrecking yard, some are necessary especially what I take for the severe, chronic pain I have 24/7.
I must have another spinal fusion in the future as I am outta options.

The political garbage wears on me too and sometimes I just have to step away for a spell or actually spend 'quality time' with the family, gag, cough and mutter.... My wife and son see quality time with me as when I AM NOT annoying them or they trick me into doing something far away and then lock me out.

Will see what can be done about moving the 'subscribe' part to a better spot. Appreciate the suggestion and feedback even from a blabbering person such as yourself.

After all Deb when you have the likes of Mr. Man and Nut job around, I will take your comments any time of the day or night!

Thanks for subscribing! I REALLY DO appreciate it no matter how crazy you may or may not drive me.