Having a tough go of it due to pain

The last two plus days have pushed me to the edge due to horrific pain. I went straight from work to urgent care and my primary care doc met me there. 

Even he was alarmed at how haggered and worn down I look. A call was made to my pain doc and I will see him tomorrow. So I have promised my family and docs that I will make it a priority to get more rest and generally take BETTER care of myself. My wife, bless her heart really goes out of her way to watch out for me. 

My docs are working together on switching up my meds a bit and I will be going back to extended time release pain meds. I may or may not be able to wrangle up some posts the rest of this week. This chronic pain stuff just tears me down all the way. Problem with me is I refuse to give in and that sets me up for worse pain, a most vicious cycle. Think I would learn to handle this better after dealing with this for over 30 years now. Prayers would be appreciated and I will return as soon as I can get a handle on this situation. Damn, damn, damn........I so truly hate this.

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HermitLion said...

I really hope you will get better, my friend. I know many, besides myself, would like that to happen.

Deb said...

Hopefully by the time you read this the pain will be gone. Prayers, happy thoughts, rainbows and unicorns being sent your way.

OK. No rainbows and unicorns, but you know what I mean.

PatriotUSA said...

Hi Deb,

Sorry to say, no the pain has not let up at all and I am just gulping more pain killers and anti inflammitories.

Good thing you took away the unicorns and rainbows. Will tahe prayers and your thoughts any day!
Thanks so much.

Deb said...

Sorry to hear that.

Let me know if you want to reconsider the unicorns and rainbows. I'll even throw in some glitter.

PatriotUSA said...

Ohhhhh...glitter?? Hmmm, that makes it a bit tougher to decide.

One my docs offered to take me out back and shoot me. Finally, a doc with some smarts and a sense of humor plus he owns lots of guns.

I'll take the unicorn ONLY if it is trampling obama. Make the rainbow lightening bolts and we have a deal.

Bill Smith said...

My the doctors find the wisdom needed to help reduce your pain. Another blogger at the Blue Eye View has also suffered from severe pain.