Al Sharpton and the true exploiters

“You know what I used to like about America? This used to be a place where any person, any human being, or even a guy like me could come to with the dream of shedding his past identity, in favor of a new, better one; but exploiters like you want to deny people this dream. You want them to have a single, permanent group identity, that can be reaped, like wheat, to feed your personal ambitions.”
- Unknown hero, referring to Al Sharpton`s treatment of the black community.

Tags: Al Sharpton, Exploitation, African Americans, Minorities
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PatriotUSA said...

Al Sharpton is a racist and specialist in race baiting,.He is a race baiting tool for the NAACP and and the nation of islam. He is doing nothing but making money off of this tragedy about TRavon Martin and that is what is so damn disgraceful.

HermitLion said...

Indeed, Patriot. I wholeheartedly agree.

He should be banned from public debate as a racist, not looked up to as some kind of black representative.