The Palestinians Run for Cover

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Norway, Israel and the Jews

There is a great article today in Norway, Israel and the Jews. The Norwegian press is reporting that Palestinian Authority Minister Salem Fayyad is pleading with jihadidsts world-wide not to attribute their actions to the Palestinian cause. That is his own way of "condemning" the atrocity in Toulouse. In the post, you can watch the video of their Grand Mufti recently referring to the Jews as apes and pigs and quoting that well known hadith-you know the little ditty that talks about the tree telling the Muslim "there is a Jew hiding behind me-come and kill him". And don't accept that line they tell you about it not being an authentic hadith, as I have heard one Orange County imam explain. It has been authenticated by the Bukhari and Muslim collections, two of the most "respected" Islamic authorities  out there as the mufti explains in the video. Follow the links and watch the video of the 2009 anti-Jewish riots in Oslo.


This is so typical of the double-talk we have become used to hearing. The real message is clear; go and kill the Jews wherever you can find them. Just keep our names out of it.

When this is all said and done, there is blood on many hands in Europe. That includes the news medias of countries like France, Norway and Sweden that have engaged in an orgy of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel reportage over the years that has placed a modern yellow star on the chests of their own Jews as they ignored or downplayed assaults against Jews on their own streets and tolerated vandalized Jewish cemeteries and synagogues- all in the name of tolerance.

I wonder how our own American school textbooks (just exposed this week by Act for America) are going to explain this latest horror away for the 7th-graders. Don't answer that; I know. They will ignore it.

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