One Nation Under Socialism-Jon McNaughton

Jon McNaughton has done many great paintings. Many of them are controversial but NOT with me.

This latest one has sparked extreme controversy and please be sure to click on the link to read more and what one moronic art critic has to say about this incredible painting.

Once again, McNaughton has captured in a painting what many, many Americans are feeling today about obama and his attempts to destroy our country.


Jon McNaughton – One Nation Under Socialism

Provo, Utah (CBSDC) – Jon McNaughton, a controversial artist who often mixes religion and politics in his work, has released a new painting.

In “One Nation Under Socialism,” President Obama holds the U.S. Constitution as it burns.

While McNaughton previously depicted Obama stepping on the nation’s founding document, “One Nation Under Socialism” glowers directly as if challenging the viewer. His right hand is holding the Constitution and his left hand is pointing to the flames.

McNaughton tells CBSDC that the hands “represents his recognition of what is happening (to the Constitution) as it goes up.”

“There are numerous symbols and subtleties in this painting, and I’m not ready to reveal all of them,” McNaughton said.

Read more here.

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AmericanGoy said...

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and then the 2nd part is even better (damn comment control won't accept over 4096 chars.).

I think you nailed it.


By the way, I am mostly to the left of the political spectrum :-)

PatriotUSA said...

I could not agree with you more on much of what you are stating.

Of course you know we will be branded as racists and bigots at the very least.....but I am sure it will not be the last time. Site you may want to check out:


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