Whining teen gets her reward: way to go, dad!

If you missed this video then here it is. This video now has over 17 million views!

A teenage girl posted on Facebook about her life, her dad (Tom Jordan) and how she feels like she is nothing more than a slave. Apparently she thinks she is ENTITLED to a laptop, internet service and who knows what else. This is what is wrong with many teens today. Notice I said many, not all teens. Come to think of it, a lot of adults think and feel the same way. They are ENTITLED to have it all provided for them.

One of our kids had this entitlement affliction and further tried to rationalize it with '"all my friends are getting or already have one." Insert whatever you like, laptop, I phone, I pad, tattoos, piercings, car etc. I solved this problem by running over that kid's cell phone and losing all computer privileges for 8 months. Then our child had to pay for the new phone and sign a contract of sorts to help reinforce the lesson. That particular kid gave us very little trouble after this. I have ruined two cell phones on purpose as I hate them and all this technology. I ran one phone over and shot the other one.

There is a bit of colorful language so consider yourself warned.


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