CNN fires all Jewish journalists and keeps only Muslims

CNN which is one of the worst, pro-msulim, pro-islam biased sites in media today, fired all of the Jewish journalists that worked for CNN out of the Jerusalem bureau. CNN retained only muslim journalists so what used to biased and skewed toward islam and the muslim point of view will now be blatantly anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and most likely 'clothed' antisemitism. Most of us realize that CNN is worthless, in the tank for obama, and all things socially and politically far leftarded progressive. This is disgusting and CNN should be ashamed of themselves.

We do not have cable or satellite service for TV and I watch the LSM news mostly for entertainment.

Sorry to have been so scarce this past week but work was one of those weeks to forget, topped by horribly severe back pain and migraines that would nothing would touch. The migraines are finally fading into the sunset for now but the back situation has deteriorated rather badly. I will be back later on today.


CNN Israel Fires All Jewish Journalists, Retains Only Muslims

Update at 8:30 PST: we just received the names of the four journalists that were fired:

Moshe Cohen, editor, fired on january 30, 10 years with CNN.
Izi Landberg, Producer, about 25 years with CNN, fired on January 30.
Avi Kaner cameraman fired on january 30, 10 years with CNN.
Michal Zippori desk producer, situation still unclear.

The media scandal that you are about to read was revealed to us by a totally reliable source.

It is likely to provoke a wave of shock and indignation within the North American media industry, and it certainly will not calm down the controversy over the pro-palestinian CNN treatment of the conflict.

We learned today that the Israeli branch of CNN, located in Jerusalem, is downsizing to cope with reduced income from less advertising.

What goes beyond good management is that CNN has fired four Israeli Jewish journalists (out of a crew of 8), and has retained only Arab journalists. Where, until now, CNN always sent a Jewish and an Arab journalist to cover information, now there will be only an Arab journalist. The local chief editor of the News Chanel is now Arabic.

This is a conflict where information is central to public opinion, and it weighs a lot on diplomatic decisions. Furthermore, it is no secret that Arab journalists cannot freely publish what they want without risking for their own lives when traveling to Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Judea Samaria. Thus, CNN decision to fire all Jewish journalists from its Jerusalem office is of particular concern, because the general public is unaware that they will be receiving biased information from CNN.

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CNN = the medianites