Tommy Robinson and EDL at Leicester, England Protest

This is from Tommy Robinson and the EDL's protest in Leicester, England.

Back in December a group of culturally enriched young women in Britain escaped jail time after they were tried for beating up a white girl in Leicester while shouting racial epithets at her. The news of their non-punishment went viral after the CCTV footage of the attacks was uploaded to YouTube (see our earlier post for that video).

To highlight the injustice of what happened, the English Defence League held a demonstration today in Leicester. Below is an excerpt from Tommy Robinson’s remarks at the event. About halfway through you’ll hear his caustic response to a man who sieg-heiled him (off-camera) from the front of the crowd. The “Nazi” is thought to have been a provocateur from Unite Against Fascism, but there is no word yet from the EDL whether this has been confirmed.

WARNING: Tommy’s language gets a little salty here and there during this clip:

Tommy Robinson at Leicester 04/02/2012

EDL Leicester ITV Central News Report with Tommy Robinson

Interview with the leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson on the planned demonstration in Leicester on February 4th 2012. As Tommy explains 4 Somalian women brutally beat up a white woman calling her white trash. They told the court that they were muslims and were not used to alcohol. Because of this they avoided prison! Would this of happened if it had of been the other way around? That is why the EDL will be protesting in Leicester!

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