Chubby Muslim Girl invites you to visit your local mosque - Fun With Islam

Isn’t it high time you got off your butt and hurried on down to the local mosque to learn about Islam? Just tell them Chubby Muzzie Convert Girl sent you.
Yep, I am gonna run right down to the local mosque (thankfully we do not have any here YET in our region) and see if they are preaching hate and stealth jihad to their followers. If not I bet they will be spreading the taqiyya around like it was camel urine. You know, the camel piss that Muslims drink for all sorts of ailments.

Stolen with complete thieves honor from Bare Naked Islam.

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Findalis said...

Notice how she has tied a torn rag around her face. I hope she marries well, gets pregnant, then hubby divorces her for burning the dinner.