Women Of The Free World Arm Yourselves!

Fine post from LadyRaven.

 The women of the world must arm themselves, especially those in muslim country's like aghanistsan, ragastan. The most backwards, sharia ruled country in the world. A pure sharia driven state that oozes islamic fueled cancer that has never left the 7th century.


Women Of The Free World Arm Yourselves!
by LadyRavenSDC

Women MUST arm themselves by knowing their enemy!

This is a woman’s future under sharia law. The video is ten minutes long. It would behoove every person in the free world to watch every minute of it. Every woman of the Ummah. Every “All American Muslim” woman. EVERY woman.

You can watch and be appalled and scared witless – or you can watch and educate yourself – - – - – - – - – - this islam is our enemy!


Wife Beating and Rape

Original post from Operation YouTube "Islamism" Smackdown is here.

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