The Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood: "“Healthy, Happy, and Hot”

I was reading another story when this title caught my eye. It is from the 17th but it is worth sharing.

I am guessing that most of us have enjoyed the cookies that the Girl Scouts peddle but that has now changed. Just earlier today we had some Girl Scouts come by our house selling cookies. I politely told them no and to please not bother us again in the future for anything to do with Girl Scouts. I refuse to give the GS any more of our money and what you are about to read is quite sad. Sad because the GS have now become poisoned by the politically correct stooges that also embrace excessive multiculturalism and diversity. So much so that if a boy who dresses like a girl and thinks he is a girl, will be allowed to join the Girl Scouts. This recently occurred in Colorado. I stopped supporting the United Way over ten years ago when they snubbed the Boy Scouts over letting queers, oops I mean homosexuals in.

This happening to the Girl Scouts is just more evidence of our rapidly declining morals, values and the disintegration of the REAL family. You know the one I am talking about. That one with a male for the husband and a female for the wife. Not two men or two women who try to beat us down with how grand it is to embrace diversity and multiculturalism.

Call me what you wish but you will NOT change my mind nor change my views.


Illustration by Alexander Hunter
Say no to Girl Scout Cookies
By Cathy Cleaver Ruse

When our sweet little neighbor in her brown camp uniform came knocking on our door this year, we had to say no. I told her mother that I didn’t want to hurt Katie’s feelings, but I couldn’t support the Girl Scout cookie sale anymore because I’d learned too much about the organizers’ agenda, primarily their support for abortion and partnership with Planned Parenthood.

I worried that my “political” stand would cause uneasiness between us, but her response put me at ease: “Well,” she said, “they do use unpaid child labor to make their sales, and the troop only gets 10 percent of the revenues anyway.”

True. According to the Girl Scouts’ website, the lion’s share of the money goes not to the troop but to bureaucrats up the chain of command in multicounty councils. The national office gets a piece of the pie, too, in the form of royalties based on gross annual sales volume - about 200 million boxes per year.

It’s a sacrifice, because I love the cookies and the cuties who sell them, but enough is enough.

I remember the Girl Scouts being flaky way back in the early 1970s. When I was a Brownie, I was told to recite some chant and step over a mirror. If I had known the word, I would have called it “pagan.” Even an unchurched girl of 7 could smell a rat.

Last year, the Girl Scouts decided to admit boys who dress as girls. When asked to admit a cross-dressing 7-year-old boy, a Colorado troop leader demurred, explaining to his mother, with tact and irrefutable logic, that her son couldn’t be a Girl Scout because he has “boy parts.”

The troop leader was chastised by the mom as being insensitive and promptly was overruled by the Girl Scout top brass, who, in a statement said, “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout.” Perpetuating this cruel charade on the little boy and forcing little girls to participate in it is “inclusiveness” to the Girl Scouts. To others, it’s child abuse.

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