This is what islam does-so get over it!

Here is a fine response to those who might have been offended by the images of U.S. Marines urinating of the bodies of some dead Taliban cowards.

This was done by dear friend and counterjihadist to the core, LadyRaven who has the most excellent site that I enjoy stealing from, Operation YouTube "Islamism" Smackdown. Please check out her site and you will find no fluffy foo foo there, or libtards.

Enjoy and please stealing is ALWAYS permitted here as long as your give proper credit(s) and leave a link back to here.

Graphic and proper words are below so be careful who might reading over your shoulder.


islamic Equivalent of Marine’s Peeing on Terrorists
By LadyRavenSDC

Back to the subject – Ann Barnhardt was asked -

Q: Ann, What do you think of the Marines who peed on the dead Taliban?

A: I have little sympathy for men who live their lives wiping their anuses with their bare hands after bowel movements, and who view as the pinnacle of human pleasure inserting their genitals and depositing their semen into the feces-laden rectums of boys and other men, who suddenly get squeamish about dead bodies being sprinkled with a bit of urine – which is sterile by the way. Those dead Taliban were probably the cleanest they had ever been in their adult lives after being showered with the righteous tinkles of those Marines. Ooh-rah. That is all. Carry on.


A new video (view with CAUTION) was posted on YouTube yesterday. The islamic equivalent of Marine’s peeing on terrorists.

“The video shows the bodies of US soldiers from 101st airborne, responsible for the rape and murder of an Iraqi child, the murder of her parents and siblings. Qatalahum Allah.”

’nuff said.

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Findalis said...

Sounds right to me.