I told you so! Foreign Confidential is validated over Iran

I am just smashed for time tonight but I want to get a couple of posts up for those who have no life and end up here. I know there are a few of you and it is about getting the word out and educating people if they have not gone brain dead from too much Kool Aid and obama.

Just in case anyone doubts how good Foreign Confidential is, here is some proof and validation for you. I have been following Foreign Confidential for over two years, going back to the days when it was formerly known as China Confidential.

Confidential Reporter has superb sources and and insight. They rarely are off target and to my knowledge, they are batting close to 1000 in predictions and calls such as you will read below.
FC has been spot on target with North Korea so this is no surprise to me.


Validation for Foreign Confidential™ Reporting and Analysis: Islamist Iran Willing to Attack the United States On its Own Soil
By Confidential Reporter

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence today warned the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is willing to launch terrorist attacks against the United States on its own soil. Click here to read the report.

Scroll down or click here and here for Foreign Confidential™ coverage of the Iranian threat--to the U.S. 

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Iran Starts Spanish-Language TV Channel
By Confidential Reporter

 Ahead of attacking the United States with missiles and terrorists, the Hitlerian monster Ahmadinejad has inaugurated a Spanish-language, satellite TV news channel aimed at the Americas. Click here for the story.

Iran's Latin American strategy speaks volumes about the ways in which weakness invites aggression and appeasement of an imperialist power--meaning, a country bent on overthrowing the status quo, or power relations among nations--makes war with that power inevitable. The longer the appeasement continues, the more likely it is that the war will be fought on the aggressor's terms. That happened during the 1930s, in the lead-up to World War II, and it is happening now in the case of nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran. The Bush administration, foolishly focused on Iraq, failed to attack Iran, an implacable enemy that aided Al Qaeda before the September 11 attacks (and, like Pakistan, has aided AQ since the attacks). The Obama administration appeased and tried to "engage" (code for collaborate and align with) Iran in a failed attempt at a Grand Bargain for regional pacification. Wishy-washy condemnations and economic sanctions have not slowed Iran's atomic advance to any significant degree; thanks to Obama (of "the Muslim world"), a clerical fascist regime that denies the Holocaust while plotting a new one is closer than ever to possessing the ultimate weapons of mass destruction--and the means of delivering them.

After taking office, Obama also tried to engage Iran's most important Western Hemisphere ally, Venezuela's virulently anti-American strongman, Hugo Chavez (click here for a handy recap of Obama's Latin America Apology Tour). Obama's efforts to win this enemy over have clearly backfired.

The new Iranian TV channel, which will also distribute its programming across the Internet, will work to condition Latin American (and U.S. Hispanic) public opinion before the coming conflict, and to shape perceptions and influence opinion during the conflict. No doubt, there are plans afoot to use video images of Iranian casualties from U.
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If you want to learn more about Iran in South America, it is right here:
Iran’s Gambit in Latin America « Commentary Magazine

As always, a big cup Cafe Bustelo and a true Cuban cigar for Confidential Reporter.

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