SOPA Strike and gone fishin' before the government takes that away too.

I have decided to support the internet strike as SOPA deeply worries and troubles me.

There will be no new posts for the next 24 hours and what you see here is what will remain up.
As most of you know, I am not the brightest person when it comes to setting up Patriot's Corner to display a 503 or 404 error message or similar items for display here or make it so none of the links work etc.. I do not want to fiddle with the blog settings for the site. I feel this is the safest thing for me to do lest I really screw my site up and make a lot of work for Ozark Guru, who does a phenomenal job keeping Patriot's Corner looking as sharp as it does.

                              Thanks to GrumpyElder over Grumpy Opinions for the above image.

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Findalis said...

Great excuse for going fishing.