Posts will resume late tonight......

Posting here on Patriot's Corner will resume late tonight. So if any of the fine contributors have posts ready to go, post 'em up!  I am still mad and grumpy but what else is new?

As I am now done with the latest round of 'dental entertainment'(second root canal yesterday), hopefully health nonsense will just resume to the mundane items like a fubar back, shoulders and severe. chronic pain.

New posts will be a mix of the latest threat from the environazis in regard to the latest proposal for increased logging(read more jobs here, but the environazis could care less about new jobs), the upcoming special election for demotard David Wu's old seat in the far left cesspool of Portland to national events and news from the religion of pieces and persecution, islam.

I am still working on Zenster's essay as it is a lot of work for a computer knucklehead like me but will see what I can do to get this one up.

So set yourself up with a pot of joe, a bottle of whiskey, a half rack of beer or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and drop back in late tonight.

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