Obama's Un-American State of the Union Pitch

Here is the next one from Foreign Confidential.

Be sure to watch the video and this is very creepy. This really reeks of Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power. Go to the video at YouTube and read some of the comments from the brainwashed masses who think obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus is the best thing to happen since sliced white bread was introduced. 

Oh no, I hope they do not call me a racist for that last comment. This is not about skin color people, it is about the takeover of our country by those who hate America and for the fact that this country is EXCEPTIONAL and the best country in the entire world.

Obama's Un-American State of the Union Pitch
By Confidential Reporter

Unpopular President Promotes Totalitarian-Style
Neighborhood Screenings to Discuss Big Speech

Preview Video Claims People Are Organizing Gatherings,
Urges Viewers to Use Internet to Find 'Event Near You'

Does Obama's Odd Pitch Signal Scheme
for Communist Cuba-Style Committees?

Click here to read about Cuba's CDR network; below, to watch Obama's unusual video appeal. The community-organizing, event part starts toward the end of the piece, around a minute-forty-three seconds into it. 
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