Boko Haram strikes again in Nigeria-over 140 dead

Boko Haram strikes again in Nigeria-over 140 dead

This is how the Levant and Maghreb was won over to Islam, through brutal terrorizing and murder and mayhem. The rest were lowered to the cast of ‘dhimmi’ and who converted to Islam over time to escape the harsh discriminatory system. That’s the legacy of Islam, and you’re seeing it played out before your very eyes in the ‘developing’ world, where Western influences are being snuffed out by the mohammedan sword. KGS

NOTE: Ask yourself, when have you ever heard the Organization of the Islamic Conference/Cooperation (OIC) condemn any kind of jihad, in this case, the brutal takeover of Christian areas in Nigeria by the Boko Haram? You won’t hear anything but vague statements about the OIC’s desire for peace and stability to return to Nigeria.

The above statement is from Tunrda Tabloids and simply puts islam and the horrors it unleashes into perspective.

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