Hitler-Admiring Ahmadinejad Aims to Attack America-Taking up the Torch of Fascism ...

Iran attack the United States? Ridiculous, too far fetched and has PatriotUSA lost what little marbles he has left? Some who read this might think so or call me an alarmist, or a far right paranoid wacko who is bitterly clinging to his religion and his guns. Have I drank too much Cafe Bustelo (which I highly recommend!) had one too many Ezra Brooks and cigars?

Well, perhaps some of the above is true but not how I feel about iran or what Confidential Reporter has to say about ahmadinejerk and iran are not crazy conspiracy schemes.

That iran is further along in their march to build up their arsenal of nuclear weapons than the West thinks iran is, is crystal clear to me. The reports are all over the place about what iran is close to having as nukes or what they already have that the West refuses to believe. What is also very clear is that at some point in the future, we will be at war with iran. This will leave no doubt(s) that we in the West are also at war with islam and have been for quite some time.

Confidential Reporter and Foreign Confidential are very, very accurate in what they predict and where they see events around the world going, how conflicts will escalate or who will pull the trigger.
The ties to islam, hitler and nazi Germany are too chilling to ignore and recall that is was the grand mufti who gave hitler the idea of the final solution. islam's hatred of the West, especially the United States and Israel has been known for a long time. The caldron of islamic fueled hatred will boil over and the cost will thousands, maybe millions of innocent victims getting killed by the hands of islam.
The world has been here before and we will be here again with islam.

Posted here with permission from Confidential Reporter and Foreign Confidential.


Hitler-Admiring Ahmadinejad Aims to Attack America 

By Confidential Reporter

Clerical Fascist Foe of US and Israel
Plans to Fulfill Nazi Fuhrer's Dream

By now, it should be pretty clear to everyone except diehard appeasers that Islamist Iran intends to rain missiles down on Israeli cities when (not if) Iran ends up in a shooting war with Israel and the United States over the mullahocracy's refusal to scrap its nuclear arms program. Iran has made its intentions known in this regard by repeatedly vowing to "burn Tel Aviv," bomb an Israeli nuclear installation in the Negev desert, "eradicate the Zionist cancer," etc.

What is less clear, because Iran has only hinted at this part of its war plan, is that the turbaned tyranny also intends to launch missile attacks on U.S. cities.

That's right: Iran intends to attack the U.S. homeland. And the Iranian attacks could come early in the coming conflict. Extreme Iranian hawks want to attack now or immediately after the first shots are fired--following, say, skirmishes or naval clashes in the Strait of Hormuz, assuming the war begins in the strategic waterway, or in Syria, as a result of U.S. intervention in Iran's secular Arab ally. Mainstream--meaning, more pragmatic--Iranian hawks (there are no doves) would prefer to wait until the U.S. attacks Iran itself before lashing back at U.S. cities in order to best exploit the propaganda value of the reprisals. Images of dead Iranian civilians could be used to justify the Iranian attacks; an army of Useful Idiots could be relied upon to parrot the Iranian line.

All clerical fascist factions agree: Iran must be prepared to attack "the Great Satan" as well as "the Little Satan." Attacking the Great Satan presents the greater challenge, of course; but the risks associated with this may be lower, surprisingly, than trying to level Tel Aviv or Haifa. Reason: Israel, which is believed to have a formidable arsenal of nuclear weapons, is certain to obliterate Iran (to use a term that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made famous during her failed bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008) to prevent a second Holocaust. But the Obama administration has more or less declared that it will never use nuclear weapons against an enemy that refrains from using nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against the U.S.

Moreover, notwithstanding President Obama's success in combating Al Qaeda--killing Osama Bin Laden, decimating the organization through drone strikes, and so on--America's first "Muslim outreach" commander-in-chief has given Iran and other enemies of the U.S. every reason to assume that if forced to fight a full-blown war, especially against a Muslim country, he will be overly cautious, choosing to escalate the conflict at a measured pace instead of seeking to end the war with swift, crushing blows.

Which helps to explain why the men who rule Iran are plotting to strike U.S. civilian populations along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts. The Islamonazi monsters are basically borrowing a few pages from Adolf Hitler's World War II playbook.

A bit of frightening and exceedingly relevant history. In the run-up to the War, Nazi Germany established espionage networks in Latin America; during the War, the Nazis used submarines both to smuggle saboteurs into the U.S. and to attack U.S. ships. Nazi subs sank dozens of ships in U.S. waters and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a giant killing zone. Incredibly, more than 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf during the years 1942 and '43. They attacked tankers transporting oil from ports in Texas and Louisiana, successfully sinking 56 vessels. In one instance, the tanker Virginia was torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by a German U-Boat, killing 26 out of 40 crewmen.

More history. Hitler dreamed of attacking New York; and Nazi plans to attack the city by air or submarine actually pre-dated Pearl Harbor. After the U.S. entered the war, Hitler became obsessed with destroying Manhattan skyscrapers. He longed to see the buildings burn. (He would have been proud of Bin Laden.) As Germany's defeat loomed, the Nazi leader ordered German generals and scientists to build a missile capable reaching New York. Had the war lasted longer, they might have succeeded.

Back to the future. Iran's Hitler-admiring maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aims to fulfill the Fuhrer's unrealized dream. Ahmadinejad doesn't need U-boats. He has a fleet of seemingly civilian cargo ships equipped with cleverly concealed, containerized, Russian-made missile launch systems--which Iran and North Korea have jointly test-fired in the context of their notable Islamist-Stalinist partnership in proliferation. Flying flags of convenience, these vessels can be deployed to strike U.S. coastal cities--and may already be lurking offshore.

Latin American spy bases? Ahmadinejad has these and more--meaning, cells of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Hezbollah terrorists and commandos in Venezuela and Mexico. The jihadist killers are ready to sacrifice their own lives in order to attack U.S. targets abroad and inside the U.S. As far as they are concerned, the unbelievably porous U.S. border is wide open for terrorist business. Attacks on U.S. municipalities along and close to the Mexican border are distinctly possible. Massacres and mass hostage situations are not at all far-fetched.

Sabotage operations? Nazi wartime sabotage missions against the U.S. homeland were absurdly amateurish. All known attempts ended badly--for the Nazis. Infiltrators immediately gave themselves up or were quickly apprehended after coming ashore; fifth column attacks never materialized. The German American Bund, though menacing, turned out to be a paper tiger. In sharp contrast, Iran is believed by intelligence experts to have already established professional terrorist cells in U.S. cities capable of carrying out Mumbai-style swarming attacks on transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential and office buildings, shopping malls and commercial centers and other soft targets.

Iran's asymmetric attacks will be aimed at electrifying Muslim/Third World masses (liberals and neo-isolationists are in dangerous denial about the intense hatred of the U.S. across the globe) and crippling the U.S. economy.

Iran's leaders may also believe that they can demoralize rather than rally the American people by attacking them at home.

The Islamonazis surely think that the dramatic spike in oil prices that will result from their planned shutdown of the Persian Gulf will trigger a global recession, and that a frightened, war-weary world will blame "the Zionists" (code for Israel and the Jewish people) and the U.S. for wrecking the global system.

Finally, Iran believes that it can count on Moscow and Beijing to broker a U.N.-sponsored end to the conflict.

Perhaps most important, although the mad mullahs and their maniac-in-chief know that Obama (of "the Muslim world") will have to respond to major assaults on American cities with massive air strikes on Iranian targets, they probably assume, as indicated above, that Iran will be able to withstand the aerial attacks until the international community and craven U.S. media outlets pressure Obama into ending the offensive. (A U.S. land war in Iran is obviously out of the question.)

Iran may also be planning to pay North Korea to provoke a major international crisis--maybe even to the point of attacking U.S. troops stationed in South Korea--so as to create the two-front war that the Obama administration has inexplicably announced it will no longer be prepared to fight.

In short, war with Iran is inevitable, and Iran intends to fight the war on its terms, in its way--and that includes killing Americans where they live.

If 19 Al Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001 could kill nearly 3,000 Americans on American soil, imagine what Iran's SS-like IRGC is capable of doing in 2012.

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Findalis said...

We attacked Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Hawaii was not a state at that time. We utterly destroyed Japan.

If Iran attacks us and we have a President with some balls, Iran will no longer exist.

If Obama is President, then he will surrender to Iran in 5 minutes.

PatriotUSA said...

Of course the jerk will surrender or try to negotiate a settlement with iran. obama would not want to harm any of his muussie brothers or sisters now, would he?

Of course there are all those camels and goats to think about as well.

So he has killed some terrorists, big deal. It is the greater threat from ALL OF islam that we must worry about and defeat, once and for all.