Hate Groups on Campus

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"One person's hate speech is another person's education."

Hat tip to Frontpage

Daniel Greenfield has just published a pamphlet entitled "Muslim Hate Groups on Campus". It describes how various Muslim Student Associations, in concert with chapters for Students for Justice in Palestine, have teamed up to bring tension, hate, anti-Semitism, and violent hate speech to many university campuses.

Sadly, most of the information in Greenfield's pamphlet describes the disgraceful situation within the University of California system, particularly Berkeley and Irvine (where I teach part-time and have personally witnessed many of the incidents and hateful rhetoric over the past several years).

Frontpage Magazine has posted the text of this pamphlet, which I am cross-posting here. It is a must read


Hatem Bazian, who is mentioned prominently in the pamphlet, has also cast his odious shadow over the Irvine campus, where he has come to speak at the MSU annual hate-Israel events in May. He is an embarrassment to the University of California at Berkeley and the entire UC system. A couple of years ago, I confronted him about some of his alleged quotes, and he tap-danced around them.

How is it that the UC system and so many other universities in the US and Canada can allow this kind of intimidation and hate to flourish on their campuses? UC President Mark Yudof, who is also Jewish, has refused time and time again to confront this atmosphere of hate on his campuses. He only says he deplores it, but it is free speech. Similarly, his administrators at the UC campuses decry the voices of off-campus groups whose complaints are "exacerbating the situation".

Several of the incidents at Irvine mentioned in the text I have seen and heard first hand. Not only did the UCI Cross Cultural Center give an award to the MSU in spite of their numerous hateful speakers and disruption of the Oren event, but they have neglected to address anti-Semitism even when reportedly asked by Jewish students. It was after the UC San Diego event involving the Compton Cookout and a noose discovered in the UCSD  library that the head of the CCC at Irvine put out a letter expressing concern about any kind of hate crime or expression. Fair enough, but when I sent him a letter (faxed from my UCI office to his) asking him to address anti-Semitism at UC Irvine, I never received a response.

Greenfield also touches on another aspect of the problem. That is the unwillingness of most of the Jewish organizations to admit there is a problem on campus. That is certainly true of the UCI campus and the Orange County Jewish Federation. Not only are they much too embedded with the administration,which they are covering for, they are also funding the insidious Olive Tree Initiative through their shadowy financial arm, the Rose Project.  The ADL? Never see them around. And our illustrious law school dean, Erwin Chemerinsky? He is in total denial.

It is easy for me to wish that the whole lot of the UC administrators be canned, but they will only be replaced with like-minded empty suits who are too timid to confront certain forms of hate. What is needed is an institutional change within academia. It took several decades to create this sewer. It will take decades more to clean it up.

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