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Ok, I have decided to give this a shot for a post or two left handed only. I will get right to the topic on hand here.

This next post is about a teacher who had a 13 Year old boy ARRESTED for burping in class. He was removed from school and placed in a juvenile detention facility.

According to the teacher the student was arrested "after he "burped audibly" in PE class and his teacher called a school resource officer to complain he was disrupting her class.

So this statement begs a question? What was more disturbing to the rest of the class, the actions caused by the teacher and police or just a belch? What upset the other kids in PE class more, the burp or the uptight, over politically correct teacher who has most likley been trained by the school district to respond like this?

Is this a case of becoming stuck on a zero tolerance policy? Seems like that to me plus the above problem(s). I think the teacher should have been arrested, investigated and if this is a pattern of abusing kids, even problem kids, this teacher needs to go and with NO pension or pay while on administrative leave.


Lawsuit Filed After New Mexico Teen Arrested for Burping in Class

ALBURQUERQUE, N.M. – A 13-year-old was handcuffed and hauled off to a juvenile detention for burping in class, according to a lawsuit filed against an Albuquerque school principal, a teacher and city police officer.

The boy was transported without his parents being notified in May after he "burped audibly" in PE class and his teacher called a school resource officer to complain he was disrupting her class.

The lawsuit also details a separate Nov. 8 incident when the same student was forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched as he was accused of selling pot to another student; the boy was never charged.

The suit was one of two filed Wednesday by civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy, who says she has been fighting the district and police for years over the use of force with problem children.

In the other case, the parents of a 7-year-old boy with autism accuse an Albuquerque police officer of unlawful arrest for handcuffing the boy to a chair after he became agitated in class.

New Mexico law prohibits officers and school officials from restraining children under 11.

The suits come one year after the same attorney settled a class action lawsuit against the district that was prompted by the arrest of a girl who Kennedy said "didn't want to sit by the stinky boy in class." And Kennedy says she has a number of other cases she is preparing over treatment of students in Albuquerque by school officials, school police, city police and sheriff's officers.

"I am trying to get all the stake holders in a room to get people properly trained to prevent this from happening," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the problem lies with the schools more than with the city police department.

"It lands in the lap of the principal. There are good schools and bad schools. The principals ... who are handling their schools properly don't need to have children arrested. It's ridiculous."

A spokesman for Albuquerque Public Schools did not immediately return calls and emails seeking comment on Thursday. A spokeswoman for the police department said the department does not comment on pending litigation.

One school board member, Lorenzo Garcia, said he had not seen and could not comment on the lawsuits, but he did say he was concerned about what appeared to be schools getting stuck on a "zero tolerance policy."

"Really, in my opinion, this really increases the whole idea of the schools-to-prison pipeline," he said.

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