One armed PatriotUSA will be trying to get some posts up tonight

The main course was six more injections in my back and for dessert, I got four in my right shoulder. Doc pushed the dosage into the 'gray zone' and doubled the amount of steroids for the shoulder. At this point, really all that can be done is a total joint replacement.

As I mentioned previously. I am an orthopedic wrecking yard (thanks bro') and now my shoulder doctor has agreed with others who know me and are his patients, that I am (or that my right shoulder is 100% 'abynormal'his spelling in my medical notes). Of course he just had to mention that now my shoulder matches the rest of me? OK, I will own that and sadly there is little defense against such a claim. He made sure the rest of the office staff knew that he had just declared me abynormal. Why do I take such abuse from my Orthopedic Surgeon? Answer is simple. Any doc I go to on a regular basis MUST be able to not only take it, but dish it back out.

So I am typing this left hand only as my right arm is extremely sore and it is just not worth it to try and use my right hand or arm. All the local anesthetic has worn off. Because I am so stubborn and yes dedicated, I will try to at least get a couple posts up later tonight. If there are typos or other errors, send your complaints to the editor, A.J. It will not do any good but hey, if it makes you feel better, go for it.

Back later tonight, I hope and maybe....

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