On the eve of 9/11 and where we are today

This is an accurate assessment of 9/11 and the fall out since 9/11. When we fast forward to today, almost ten years later to the day that forever changed America and the world I urge you to read this from Foreign Confidential. I am adding nothing to this as Confidential Reporter is a much better writer than I could ever hope to be.


9/11, a Pro-Islamist President and the Power Elite
By Confidential Reporter

Regarding the 10th anniversary of the September 11 Islamist attacks on the United States, to recap, terrorists belonging to Al Qaeda, an Islamist organization based in Islamist Afghanistan, massacred approximately 3,000 people on American soil.

In addition to Afghanistan, Al Qaeda was supported by nuclear-armed, impoverished Pakistan, a country with one organizing principle--Islam--nuclear-arming, oil-rich, Islamist Iran, and institutions and individuals in oil-rich Saudi Arabia, if not the Saudi government itself. Saudi Arabia is a country--actually, a dysfunctional family business masquerading as a country--that has no civil or human rights. It is also the fountainhead and main financial backer of Sunni Islamism and related branches of Islamic fanaticism.

The Islamist terrorists used hijacked American airliners as missiles. Most of their victims were killed--incinerated--in New York City, when two of the hijacked passenger planes smashed into and destroyed the iconic Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. The Pentagon was also struck by a hijacked plane; and a fourth hijacked airliner, apparently bound for the Capitol building in Washington, DC, crashed after its courageous passengers sacrificed their own lives in order to foil the terrorist plot by charging and overpowering their captors.

The U.S. responded to the Islamist war crimes not with a formal declaration of war against Afghanistan, the country that harbored and aided the attackers, and Islamism, but with a "War on Terror"-- as if the U.S. had been attacked by a tactic.

Taking too long to counterattack, relying on notoriously unreliable Afghan warlords for most of the fighting on the ground, and ruling out use of tactical nuclear weapons, the Bush administration defeated and dislodged but failed to destroy Afghanistan's Islamist rulers--the monstrously medieval Taliban--and Al Qaeda, forcing the clerical fascist filth to flee to neighboring Pakistan and Iran. Taliban leader Mullah Omar--an illiterate mass murderer--and Al Qaeda chieftain Osama Bin Laden, scion of an ultra-rich and enormously influential Saudi family, escaped, along with their most senior commanders. In fact, the main Islamist killers were apparently allowed to escape--they could have been obliterated in Afghanistan within days of the Sept. 11 attacks--for reasons that remain unclear to this day.

The U.S. did not attack Iran, did not send wave after wave of stealth bombers and fighters to wipe out the mullahocracy's nuclear and missile installations and annihilate the SS-like, terror-sponsoring Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Instead, Bush bombed and invaded Iraq, a contained, secular enemy, claiming it had weapons of mass destruction and meaningful connections to Al Qaeda. It transpired that Iraq, which was ruled by the psychotic despot, Saddam Hussein, had neither WMD nor any important Islamist ties; and the horrible, protracted, draining war there, from which the U.S. has yet to extract itself, has effectively created an Iranian Islamist satellite.

Fast forward. A decade after the Islamist mega-attacks, incredibly, a Muslim-born-and-reared President, Barack Hussein Obama, sits in the Oval Office--a mysterious, left-of-center politician who actually studied and practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia. More incredibly, this President has made appeasement of and collaboration with overlapping organized, political, and state Islam the foundation of an utterly failed foreign policy. He has presided over the killing of Bin Laden and other AQ leaders while narrowing the definition of the enemy to Al Qaeda alone. All other Islamist entities and groups, perhaps with the exception of so-called irreconcilable Taliban--now poised to reconquer Afghanistan--are deemed alright to engage (code for appease and attempt to align with) by Obama and his advisors, a band that includes Jimmy Carter's former National Security Advisor--the viciously anti-Israel Zbigniew Brzezinski, architect of America's covert, pro-Islamist intervention in Afghanistan--and Samantha Power, a European-born leftist whose hatred of Israel is off the charts. Brzezinski and Power have both called for or mused openly about U.S. or UN or NATO intervention in "Palestine"--meaning, military action against Israel.

Thanks to Bush's idiotic "democracy promotion" project and Obama's "outreach to the Muslim world," Turkey and Gaza are in Islamist hands.

Thanks to Obama:

Iran is closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms while continuing to cooperate closely with nuclear-armed North Korea--the two partners in proliferation have developed and tested concealed, cargo vessel-based ballistic missile launch systems that can be used to attack U.S. coastal cities with nuclear weapons and/or to plunge "the Great Satan" back into the 19th Century by way of an EMP attack, against which the U.S. has no known defense;
Iranian proxy Hezbollah has enough missiles to level Tel Aviv;
Turkey, hailed by Obama as a model "Islamic democracy," is challenging and threatening Israel; and
Egypt, with which Turkey hopes to forge a "strategic alliance," and Libya and Tunisia are in the process of being taken over by Islamists ... as the Saudis continue to pump their oil and mint their petrodollars, laughing all the way to the bank at the West's expense.

At the same time, the administration's fawning, elite, liberal media outlets are assisting the White House in promoting a plethora of politically charged Islamist myths and lies; and critics of rightwing political/organized/state Islam are on the defensive, afraid of being branded "racists" (as if a religion or the clerical fascist creed that it spawned constitute a race) and "Islamophobes" (whatever).

Reading the above, it is hard not to believe, after all these years, in the existence of some sort of power elite that transcends traditional party lines and political differences. It's also hard to believe that Obama's policy of engagement isn't supported by/somehow in sync with this elite-- powerful political, economic, and military-industrial interests that cynically see "the Muslim world" as both a market and an opportunity, a source of capital and a supplier or energy, and a potential sword against rising China and resurgent Russia ... which are themselves menaced by terror-loving Muslim separatists. The hoary strategy of using Islam as a sword would explain why the Bush administration apparently never tried to recreate the American-Chinese-Russian World War II alliance in the interest of defeating Islamism. Despite the horrific blowback that the U.S. experienced on that terrible day--recall that the U.S. under Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, unleashed the global jihad in Afghanistan in the first place--the power elite persists in regarding Islamism as a force that can be manipulated and exploited. Amazing.

As for Israel, under Obama, the only democracy in the Middle East is increasingly viewed by the power elite and its European counterpart as at best "an ungrateful ally" and at worst a liability, or an "ungrateful burden."

Israel, it seems, didn't get the memo: democracy is out, Islamocracy is in.

So it goes in September 2011.

POSTSCRIPT: A concluding note about Bush's great strategic blunder, the wholly unnecessary, unbelievably wasteful war in Iraq. Bush's ruinous Babylon adventure was based on a mind boggling falsehood or monumental intelligence failure--alleged Saddamite stockpiles of nuclear materials and chemical and biological weapons--and a crazy theory that installing a Western-style, parliamentary system in the Sunni minority-ruled, Shiite majority Arab country would trigger a domino-like, democracy-creating effect (the opposite of the rationale that was used to justify the unnecessary and self-destructive Vietnam war) across the authoritarian, Muslim Middle East. In other words, instead of fighting a defensive and crushing war against the enemy that attacked the U.S. homeland on 9/11--radical Islam--instead of swiftly and mercilessly defeating and destroying Al Qaeda and the Taliban and the Iranian regime by any and all necessary means, including use of tactical nuclear weapons, instead of ending the Pakistani nuclear menace and putting Saudi Arabia in its place for once and all, the Bush administration embarked on a grand scheme to make a new Middle East order. The attempt to reorder, to overthrow the status quo, means that U.S. foreign policy under Bush was truly imperialist--according to classical political realist terminology, as opposed to the Marxist definition of imperialist.

Obama's outreach to what he insists on referring to as "the Muslim world"--itself a concession to Islamist ideology--is part and parcel of the same, imperialist foreign policy. Obama's politically conservative critics call him an appeaser, another Neville Chamberlain, whose failure to read Hitler's intentions not only failed to preserve the peace in prewar Europe, but made war with Nazi Germany inevitable--on Germany's terms. But Obama is worse than an appeaser. Unlike Chamberlain, who never sought to side with the Axis (in contrast with pro-Nazi British aristocrats), Obama is an engager. He actually aims to align the U.S. with the Islamist tide, albeit its supposedly moderate manifestations. (Moderate Islamism is of course an oxymoron, a dangerously cockeyed concept akin to moderate fascism.)

Appeasement plus alignment equals engagement. Obama's "right side of history" is the Islamist side, save for Al Qaeda and "irreconcilable" Taliban. History's "moral arc" and the "Arc of Islam," as Brzezinski calls it, are one and in the same, in Obama's view. Hence, his failed engagement of Iran; meddling in and attempts to manipulate the so-called Arab Spring, including support for the Muslim Brotherhood-orchestrated overthrow of Egypt's secular, peace-preseving President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch ally in the fight against Al Qaeda and Islamist terror, a man who came to power following the Islamist assassination of his secular, pro-American predecessor, the peace-making Anwar Sadat; support for Turkey and the emergence of a neo-Ottomoan Empire as a supposedly "moderate" Islamist counterweight to Iran; and unnecessary intervention in Libya's civil war--on the Islamist side. All these are expressions of what is essentially a revamped version of the failed, counterproductive, imperialist foreign policy that Bush and his key crackpots--remember Condoleezza Rice's transformative diplomacy?--stupidly adopted in the wake of the worst-ever attacks on U.S. soil.