Obama wanted to say 'Jews' at CBC, then tells CBC, blacks to shut and quit whining.

I am thinking(I know, that is a real scary thought!). I have watched this video clip about 15 times and it is VERY CLEAR to me that the first muslim illegal alien potus really wanted to say 'Jews' here to CBC and barely caught himself in time. Not that it would have mattered to the CBC.

Oops, there I go again being a racist and white middle aged male domestic terrorist. Does not matter that I really like Allen West and have a lot of respect for Herman Cain!

Now watch the mullah in the White House scold the CBC and basically tells them to 'shut up, quit complaining and whining.'

Nice, and look who has been complaining and whining since he took office when he was not busy blaming Bush for everything. Come to think of it, he is still blaming Bush for a lot. What a liar, loser and incompetent ass.

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Findalis said...

He is trying very hard to anger every group. He is angering Blacks, Hispanics, and if he doesn't use his veto in the Security Council Jews.

MSMII said...

That he lost the Jewish vote is a large part of why the US will not vote for a Palestinian state.
Palestine is seeking recognition as a state. They are already recognized as a nation under international law; however, they do not have any land to call their own. Under Resolution 242, Israel has already withdrawn from more than 90% of the land they seized by winning in war. The Arab League, starting in 1967 continuing on today, refuses to allow any land for the Palestinians, refusal, not just in violation of Resolution 242, but in violation of decent human dignity and of the Palestinian people themselves.