An article by Dr Zuhdi Jasser that every American should read

Dr Zuhdi Jasser, a Syrian-American military veteran, physician, and a true moderate and patriotic American Muslim has written a long article for Arizona Central.Com, which was referenced tonight by my friend and colleague Karen Lugo as she spoke in defense of Orange City Councilman Jon Dumitru, under fire for posting a statement on his Facebook page linking 9-11 to Islamic doctrines. In the below article, Jasser describes a visit to his local mosque in Arizona and the offensive comments made by the imam. The imam's sermon includes conspiratorial comments about 9-11 and other comments that would tend to divide Muslims from an American identity. Jasser describes his worry about how the imam's words will impact his children.


Keep in mind that Jasser is called a traitor by many Muslim leaders. He speaks his mind at the risk of his life. These are the Muslims we need to support. Karen Lugo, a constitutional attorney who teaches at nearby Chapman University, has incurred the wrath of the fascist pinhead academics at Chapman who have tried to have her fired for speaking her mind about Islamo-Fascism. I guess this will give these pinheads further inspiration to silence Lugo at Chapman. That's the CAIR tactic, you know.

Jasser is the head of the Islamic American Forum for Democracy, which is linked on this blog. Here is an additional link. I urge you to visit his site.


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Zenster said...

From the linked article: The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a personal call to action and a tug of responsibility to fix the underlying problems that have placed a strangle hold on my faith and led a few of my co-religionists to unimaginable brutality.

The problem is that "a few of my [Dr. Jasser's] co-religionists" are not the issue.

It is more like some 160 MILLION Muslims who actively support the aggressive spread of Islam by way of violent terrorism.

No doubt Dr. Jasser is a well meaning individual but even his most sincere wishes cannot possibly stem the tide of hatred arising from so much of the Islamic ummah.

Should Dr. Jasser be tarred with the same brush? Obviously not. Should Dr. Jasser's words be allowed to persuade America from it's path of actively combating Islam's hostile threat? Absolutely not.

Saddest of all is how the reasonable voices of individuals like Dr. Jasser cannot possibly be given the least credence as Western nations are obliged to set about the onerous task of permanently dismantling Islam.