CBC takes a whipping from Rep. Allen West

Watch this video if you have not watched it already. Allen West just keeps on getting better and better.
CBC is nothing but a bunch of libtarded trolls who can't seem to do anything, be it right or wrong except scream racism, bigotry and vilify anyone who supports the Tea Party. What a bunch of ignorant and arrogant morons. Just like the first  muslim illegal  alien potus.

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Anonymous said...

A. West divides American by making foolish irresponsible statements about Occupied Palestine and his support of racist hate driven organizations.

History shall record him as a Trash congressman of the decade.

As proven, the retarded racists of the crap-for-brain white support the uncle tom.

PatriotUSA said...

@soulstraw: "As proven, the retarded racists of the crap-for-brain white support the uncle tom."

You waste no time in reducing this to a matter of race, what an absolute moron you are. So it is all about race and we 'retarded racists' support the "uncle Tom." Nice, Uncle Tom and you are a f---ing pig and who is the racist here?

You are obviously an ignorant, arrogant soul aren't you. many of us racist conservatives like Allen West for what he is willing to stand for and stand up against which is way more than I can say for the first illegal muslim alien potus who licks the butts and burkas of his mussie brothers and sisters while constantly betraying our long time alies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

You are so typically dense and STUPID to see this has NOTHING to do with skin color. Most fools like you from leftardville have no arguments worth a damn and you know it, so you are reduced and left with playing the same old tired race card,

Yawn....you and your spawn are not worth anymore of my time.

Do us all a favor and throw yourself in front of a freight train and rid the world of your stupidity.

HermitLion said...

Well said, Patriot.

Real racists, like this commenter, make no real arguments, and try to compensate by excessive use of name-calling.
Amusing, perhaps, but not particularly convincing.

And Palestine is indeed occupied, by a horde of murderous muslim colonialists, who need to return to Syria, Transjordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, and so forth.