9/11 10th year Remembrance Tribute - September 11, 2001

This was sent to me by a friend and I thought about saving it until the 11th but my back, leg pain and numbness is so bad right now, I cannot guarantee that I will feel up to posting this weekend. New pain meds have helped a little but I still feel like I was hit by a freight train and it backed over me for good measure.


9/11 10th year Remembrance Tribute - September 11, 2001

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MSMII said...

We all see what the Unions are saying. We know what he will say. How does he, and the country he leads, appear to other countries? Basher al-Assad wants nothing from the United States and, like Ahmedinijad of Iran, says that he sees Obama's efforts as attempts to wrest control of Sudan. Why would Obama do that? In the view of our enemies the West wants to loot all resources from each country and kill all the people. That is what they are saying.


BuNDY said...

To whom it may concern,
I remember that day like yesterday.. i was a 19 year old kid who knew nothing about terrorism and how dangerous it actually is... Born and raised in Queens, New York...Close friends of my family worked at the Trade Center..and literally the whole city was knocked down from this terrible act.. But like true New Yorkers, we stood up, gathered ourselves, and showed the world that we will not let this beat us.. I unfortunately was not one of those people.. it freaked me out..Watching somebody i know periish on national television was traumatic for me.. i wanted to, but could get myself together to volunteer myself to work at the ground zero site, i couldnt join the military for medical reasons, and it ate away at me year by year...
Then this year came.. and i found a way to contribute.. Im a writer/music producer.. Pretty well established, yet not mainstream... Just came off tour in Europe and was in disbelief on how America is viewed in the eyes of other countries... So i wrote a hip hop song for the victims of 9-11, and thier families, and especially for the young kids who were maybe too young to really know the severity of what was going on around them on that fatefull day.. the song is 1000percent clean and respectfull.. no mention of Al Quida or graphic details of what happend... it has audio clips of firefighters on thier radios calling to the command post, then President George Bush speaking to the nation, and current President Barrack Obama speaking of the mission to get Osama Bin Ladin its called "10 Years Past" (Memories will live for Eternity)... im not looking for free publicity, infact i would rather remain anonymous.. This is my gift to America, to help remind the young people that we can never forget, to let the victims live on in our memory.. im not sure if this email will get to anyone specifically, but the link is on my youtube page.. if someone is interested in the actually song i would love to send the masters over.. thank u
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFkZTONRWR0 <----- song link.. listen please!!

Patrick Bundy, New Yorker, American!!

PatriotUSA said...

Patrick, Thanks for your comments and I do appreciate you taking the time to write what you did.

I will listen to your music video and I am NOT a hip hop fan at all but if the message is as you say, I may share it here.

Thanks again!!