UC President to Speak in Front Of Orange County Jewish Group

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

"One person's hate speech is another person's education"

The below article is cross-posted from the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism. It announces a speaking event by the University of California President, Mark Yudof on November 4. The event is sponsored by the Orange County Jewish Federation.


No doubt Mr Yudof will be addressing Jewish issues at UC-Irvine. If we can go by his previous statements on the on-going controversy involving the Muslim Student Union (aka Alkalima), I would guess that Mr Yudof will express his personal outrage (Yudof is Jewish) at many of the incidents and statements made at MSU-sponsored events -as he has in the past to various groups and individuals. He will most likely, as he has in the past- explain that it is protected free speech-bad as it may be. Certainly, he will defend the actions of his administrators at UCI and other campuses-as he has in the past. Certainly, he will criticize statements made by outside groups and individuals that have sharply criticized the university.

That leads to a central question; is there anti-Semitism on the UCI campus-and other UC campuses?

Keep in mind, the dean of the UCI Law School, Erwin Chemerinsky, has stated repeatedly-before and since he came to UCI that there is no anti-Semitism at UCI. The CEO of the OC Jewish Federation, Shalom Elcott has stated (to me) that there is no anti-Semitism at UCI. The head of OC Hillel has stated in my presence that there is no anti-Semitism at UCI.

"We have a psychosis in the Jewish community that is unable to co-exist equally and brotherly with other human beings. You can take a Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew. And, this has been demonstrated time and time again in Occupied Palestine. And, now they have American diplomats and politicians and decision makers and strategists in their pocket because they have the money."

-Mohammed al-Asi at UC-Irvine, February 2001

See video at: http://www.investigativeproject.org/239/muhammad-al-asi-ghetto-jews
(Investigative Project on Terrorism)

I hope someone in the crowd will ask Mr. Yudof about that. Al -Asi has since spoken again at UCI on more than one occasion.

I hope they will also ask him about swastikas that have recently appeared on bathroom walls at Berkeley and other campuses. I hope they will ask him about a professor at Berkeley who turned out to heckle Jewish students quietly protesting those swastikas.

His name is Andrew Gutierrez.

I hope someone will ask Yudof about Amir Abdel Malik Ali, who has been a regular speaker at UCI for almost a decade. This past May, he called Jews, "the new Nazis".

I hope someone will ask Yudof what he thinks about George Galloway coming to speak at UCI in May 2009 and taking up a cash collection for his Viva Palestina convoys to Gaza (read Hamas). Why, Mr Yudof, was this allowed happen-in contravention to UCI's own rules-not to mention US laws against aiding terrorist organizations (Hamas)?

I hope someone will ask Yudof if he really thinks the UCI-MSU has been punished for their disruption of the speech by the Israel ambassador to the US-especially, since they are now operating this quarter under a new name.

You are probably thinking, "Why doesn't Fouse attend the event and ask the questions himself? He always does at other events."

Correct and great question. Assuming this event takes place at the Jewish Federation headquarters, they won't let me get within 10 miles of the event. That is because the head of the Federation, Shalom Elcott, knows I would ask those questions and embarrass him when he makes his grand statements about how HE and his organization has dealt with the issue effectively in concert with the university

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