Code Pinko traitors and terrorists

Nothing needs to be added to this picture. How completely disgusting and disrespectful to our troops and all those who have given their lives to keep these bitches free so they can insult us like this.

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HermitLion said...

Is this a rally of escaped mental patients?
We have plenty of such people in Israel (supporting the murder of Israeli troops), maybe they should all get together somewhere and have a big party of smiling hatred?

PatriotUSA said...

Mental in the worst way, Erick.
These are LIBTARDED people who
are as bad for this country as
the mullah obamaham has been.
I now see pink as a toxic color.
These are the morons that hate
our country, military and the
Constitution. Really sad because if it was not for our Constitution
these idiots would not be able to
due this under the protection of
the first amendment.

Anonymous said...

Just to get things started, we need two volunteers for public beheading.

No volunteers?

Take the one in the stupid pink hat and the accomplice to her immediate right.

If this does not shut down this display, call for four volunteers.

HermitLion said...

Patriot: I'm all for freedom of speech, but just imagine a Republican rally with a sign saying "we support the murder of blacks/Mexicans/Muslims".
You know there would be arrests, prosecutions, and a full fledged witch-hunt.
For the very least, these attention seekers should have toned down their hate (crime). To show such utter contempt for the people who risk their lives for them every day... just seeing that picture fills me with so much rage I can barely speak.
Having checked their website, just to see if this wasn't a prank perhaps, I can now say we have an identical group in Israel, who is partially credited with our shameful retreat from Lebanon about nine years ago.

Anonymous: too bad you didn't supply a name, so I could credit you with this line. It was very funny to read.
I think it would be enough to hit one of these cowards with a pillow though, to disperse the entire crowd.

PatriotUSA said...

I see red every time I see or
hear anything about this group.
I have to go to something else
right away or I get real cranky.
Yes, that is the irony about
these traitors. They insult the
very ones who enable them to
do what they do. The darkest
pits of hell is way too good
for these pinkos.