New Vladtepes videos.

I have been gone for a spell due to getting ready for very important meeting tomorrow at work. I am now involved in fighting for the continuation of funding for the testing program that I have now taken over, by default and because I give a damn about assisting people who are out of work, some who have lost everything, giving them all the tools they can get to help them in their job search. This meeting is SO IMPORTANT I am wearing a long sleeved shirt and tie. I hate both. I do not get along with bureaucrats and those who refuse to take risks for fear of making a mistake so I will have to be very careful how I converse and explain why this program is worth keeping. This is supposed to be resolved before the end of this month but they have had 10 month to figure this out and have not done so yet.

Enough of work hassles and please watch the videos. Some you may have watched already but I am supporting Vladtepes who is a counter jihad hero as far as I am concerned. I will be back after Thursday with many more posts!

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