Guy Milliere Speaks in Orange County on Europe and America

Gary Fouse

Last night, I went to hear French writer and commentator Guy Milliere speak in front of the ACT for America chapter in Orange County. Milliere is a controversial figure in France due to his outspokenness about the growing threat of militant Islam in Europe. Much like Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Milliere is excoriated as a fascist by the left and the French media. There have been threats on his life, yet he continues to speak his mind. His thesis is pretty simple; Europe is lost and the only force that can preserve freedom in the world is the United States. He is decidedly pro-American and anti-Obama.

As Milliere explains it, Europe has no hope of reversing the growing Islamization on that continent. He cites the demographics, the disparate birthrates, the political correctness and the unwillingness of the Europeans to defend themselves. One reason is that the Europeans don't have any idea of who they are or what they should be defending. They don't really enjoy democracy as America does and their fates are decided by politicians and bureaucrats at the national level and the European Union.

According to Milliere, there is no true conservative press in Europe. What is considered "conservative" in Europe would be on a par with say, the New York Times.

Isn't that encouraging?

He also mentioned that you cannot get Fox News in France. You can get Al-Jazeera or CNN, but not Fox News.

In addition, political correctness is the order of the day, which he tells us was imported to the US by Europe.

Thanks a lot, Europe.

In summary, Milliere tells us that it is up to America to stand up for freedom. Once America loses its freedom, the whole world is gone. He said that America should not give in to the constant demands to accommodate Islam. His metaphor was that we can welcome Muslims to our country, but they "must leave their baggage at the door".

The questions from the audience were many and long. I had to leave before getting a chance to meet with Milliere. One woman in the audience told us about what happened to her 12-year-old daughter just this week at Ladera Ranch Middle School. Her homework assignment: Memorize the 5 pillars of Islam. She is going to the school board to protest. (I plan to write more about this later.) As I have written previously, this is going on nationwide and especially in California. Middle school students are being subjected to weeks of indoctrination about all the wonderful aspects of Islam while references to Christianity and Judaism are brief and rather negative-you know, Crusades, Inquisition and all that.

The mother went on to say that when her daughter tried to ask the teacher about things like wife beatings and honor killings, the teacher told her, "Oh honey, where did you hear all that?"

Back to Milliere. I have linked his blog (DRZZ) to my own  web site under the grouping, "Our real European allies". It is in French. I will be following what he has to say about events in France.

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ah yes the PC lies.........great piece.