Mmm Mmm Mmm Bad. Campbell's no longer welcome here

Here is a great video you need to watch on Campbell's soup and it's halal products.
Cambell's soups now banned in our house. All cans donated to a food bank. Could
not bear to throw them away. Too many people going hungry.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

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HermitLion said...

My god, watching these puppet heads speak was painful.
I could've dubbed the whole interview from my mind, without listening to a single word. Let's see:
Leftist interviewer: "Campbell soup was boycotted by a bunch of crackpots who think Islam has something to do with Islamic terrorism. What do you think about it, woman with handkerchief on her head who probably didn't have her private parts sewn together when she was 5, and raped when she was 8, but still thinks she represents Islam?"
Handkerchief lady: "Yes, of course Islam is not related to Islamic terror, and everybody who says otherwise is a fascist with a mustache. Do not worry, we are your friends, we come in peace, stop hating us."
Third lady: "Durrrrr... I'm not sure why I'm here, but this boycott is dumb, so I boycott the boycott, since the only people who are allowed to have an opinion are leftists, and Muslims."
Interviewer: "Thank you both, this has been a fair, non-biased, and balanced debate in favor of halal foods. May all our viewers who disagree enjoy the happy camps we prepare for them."

Thank you for voluntarily watching a CNBC brainwashing attempt, and now for a word from our sponsors - Saudi Arabia.


Ok, if someone bothered to read up to here, I also have a more important question - who's the 'conservative blogger' that started it all? Let's go shake his hand!

Findalis said...

Halal yes, kosher no. Guess which brand I don't buy and why?