Are your children wearing pro-jihadist clothing?

Another excellent example of stealth jihad by the simple action of getting dressed. Many kids today have no clue what the images on their clothes are about. What events, causes, organizations, religion or ideology are the clothes your child wears supporting without them knowing it? Or maybe they are aware of what the clothing is supporting with your parental blessing? I truly hope and pray not. Take a look at these two t-shirt examples and you will see what I mean. Would you want your kids to wear this pro-jihadist garbage? From Loganswarning.

Paying Attention to Your Kids? US Company Targets Kids With Pro-Jihad Shirts!
By Christopher Logan

I just wanted to alert you guys that the fashion company Revolutionary Me, is targeting kids with pro-jihad shirts. Here are two of them.

Alive But Dead T-Shirt

 The struggle is alive and people die from it and in it. The women’s zombie face represents the phrase alive but dead. The blood hand prints represent a person that must get their hands dirty or even bloody to fight their way through the struggle. She is wearing a bullet ring representing that she is married to the cause.

Freedom Slingshoter T-Shirt

Fight for what you believe in. Even if the stakes are against you. We must achieve freedom of expression and soul to live a well balanced happy life. Childhood memories of the past should never be forgotten but should be relived.

It is amazing they would encourage kids to fight for such causes. I wonder if they would have had pro-Nazis shirts during WWII? Probably. Talk about being an irresponsible company.

Please contact Revolutionary Me, and give them a dose of “Logan Love”. Their contact information can be found HERE.

Original article is here.

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