Knee deep in state application for step up in employment

There will be limited posting as I am under a deadline to complete a nasty state application that I HAVE to get done. This is for a step up temporary position as the regional coordinator for the NCRC assessment program I have actually managing since July, on my own. It is still only part time, more salary, no benefits and may end July 1, 2011 unless continued funding is secured. The application is a formality as I pretty much have this already. The good thing about all this is that the other agencies involved have walked away thus releasing the funds to the Department of Employment. This is where the program belongs and the entire field office I work in is 100% committed to this program. So back to the online app I go, fried and already burnt to a crisp. No IPA's for me until this is done. That is strong motivation! Thanks for understanding.

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