Eco-nazi's, eco-terrorists and I can't forget the food nazi's.

If Bloomberg can ban sugary drinks in New York then we should be free to ban the stupidity of those who want the governemt to control every and all aspects of our lives. There have times in my life where I consumed massive amounts of Coca Cola and never had any drastic weight gains. If I want to drink soda on a daily basis then I will. Bloomberg and his nazis will leave nothing untouched in our lives. They want to tax everything that we like or enjoy and what comes next? A tax on sex? These people are truly morons who have nothing better to do with their time and lives. Bloomberg wants to start with a two year study and then possibly make it permanent. From Fox News.

N.Y. to Ban Food Stamps Used on Sugary Drinks?
By: Rick Leventhal

Are sodas and other sugary drinks making Americans fat? Nutritionists say yes… and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who isn’t shy about mandating healthier lifestyles, is trying to do something about it.

sugar. And while food stamps can’t be used to purchase cigarettes, beer, liquor, pet food, vitamins, household goods or prepared foods like deli sandwiches, you can use them to buy as many sugar-packed beverages you want.

That could soon change in the Big Apple.

The mayor, who’s already banned smoking in restaurants, bars and many public places, banned trans-fats in restaurants and requires the posting of calorie counts on menus, is now asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which sets the rules for the Food Stamp program, to forbid New Yorkers from using those stamps on any beverage containing more than ten calories per 8 ounces (except for milk products and fruit juice without added sugar).

Bloomberg says “This initiative will give New York families more money to spend on food and drinks that provide real nourishment.” He requested a two-year ban to study its effect and weigh whether a permanent ban is in order.

City statistics show nearly 40 percent of public school children in Kindergarten through 8th grade are overweight or obese and obesity rates are higher in poor neighborhoods. So is the consumption of sugary beverages. With 1.7 million city residents on food stamps, the impact could be dramatic.

The beverage industry is, as you might expect, opposed to the Mayor’s proposal. The U.S.D.A. says it “appreciates the State’s interest” and “will review and consider the State’s proposal.”

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HermitLion said...

Excuse my ignorance here, but what are these 'food stamps'? The only thing that comes to mind is the Communist way of dealing with food shortages.

PatriotUSA said...

Food stamps is a program to help low income, disabled, etc. It can be a very helpful program but it
badly abused. You can get a certain
amount of funds, depending on the
size of your family and income
which can only be used for food.
No tobacco or booze can be bought
with Food stamps.It is usually supplieed on a 'debit' type card.
It is run by the Dept. of Agriculture and has helped
lots of people in down times. There
are now a record number of U.S.
citizens on this program. Much of
the abuse comes from aid to those
who come here ILLEGALY. Illegal
aliens get food stamps, free health
care all sorts of benefits that the
average American does not 'qualify'
for, even in a bad economic time
like we have now.

So what if they want to buy soda
pop. Worry about the real problems
we are facing.

Findalis said...

I see that Bloomberg is finally trying to destroy his voter base. He is in the doghouse with 9/11 families, with Conservatives, Jewish voters and now the poor. The white working class don't like him nor does the white rich folks. Even blacks don't like him. Only Muslims like him and they are a very small voting block.

I think he is up for re-election in 2 years. I wonder how fast will he fall?

PatriotUSA said...

Probably not fast enough for
either one of us!

HermitLion said...

Makes sense that illegals should be rewarded with food.
It's as if you walked up to a courthouse, peed on the doors, and as punishment got a free ticket to the movies from a judge.

I've read some people used that debit card in California to order themselves vacations and whatnot.

Here's where the problem lies - somebody assumes that all people of low economic status are victims, when in fact some of them deserve their status. What they should be given is a free chance at proving themselves, not a free ticket to Hawaii.
And that definitely precludes illegals - a Democratic government should serve its own citizens first.
A government that gets infinite magical pony money from outer space can also take care of every sad story in the world.