Boycott Campbells' Soup and their other products

I just removed 18 cans of Campbell's Soup from our pantry and gave it to our local food bank. I just could not bring myself to toss the cans into the garbage with high unemployment rate here and all the food banks running short of inventory. Oops, I forgot. The recession was over in June 2009. Please make sure to share this as this is a product that is found in so many homes, plus all the other products Campbell's makes. The ISNA has ties to terrorism. That's who is going to certify their products halal. This is stealth jihad in it's purest form. A small victory for islam in North America. Will we ever wake up in time? From Jihad Watch.

Campbell's Soup goes halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA

ISNA has admitted ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. So why is Campbell's Soup rushing to do its bidding? "M-M-Muslim Brotherhood Good?," from Scaramouche, October 5 (thanks to Kathy Shaidle):

Campbell's Soup Canada is about to go halal.

No biggie, right? Wrong. It is doing so under the auspices of the Islamic Society of North America, a Wahhabi-funded racket that is said to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood....

Hat tip: Jihad Watch

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