A Link Between BDS and Terrorism

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Tablet Magazine

I recall the time I saw BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel)  co-founder Omar Barghouti speak at UC Riverside in 2014. I had encountered this self proclaimed "human rights activist" the year before at UC Irvine when he refused to tell me where he was born, saying it was "irrelevant". (It is relevant because Barghouti  was not born either in Israel proper or the disputed land and he has ruffled a lot of feathers by getting his university education at Tel Aviv University.)

At UC Riverside, I used the opportunity of the q and a to question Barghouti's credentials and ask the sponsoring department at UC Riverside if they would consider bringing in a speaker with a different point of view. Professor David Lloyd, a big shot in the BDS movement himself and sponsor of Barghouti's appearance, termed my question "preposterous" referring to Barghouti as-you guessed it-a "human rights activist".

Of course, the entire BDS movement poses as a human rights  movement that is non-violent. That is, to use Dr Lloyd's word,"preposterous". BDS is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the elimination (one way or another) of every last Jew in Israel. It just doesn't admit it. The BDS movement in the US has stirred widespread anti-Jewish feeling on countless US university campuses. That some oddball, leftist Jewish professors may support BDS does not change that fact.

That brings us back to Barghouti and the below article from Tablet Magazine, in which he is mentioned.


 "Since its founding, the BNC has frequently and openly collaborated with known leaders of these terror organizations: In 2015, for example, the BNC held a press conference to pressure the Palestinian government not to import gas from Israel, featuring a speech by Khalida Jarrar, then a member of the Palestinian parliament for the PFLP and still an active official in the terror group. A video of the BNC-hosted press conference features Jarrar seated alongside BNC secretariat member Omar Barghouti."

So here we have the great human rights activist, Omar Barghouti, participating in an event with Khalida Jarrar, a member of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine-a US State Department designated terror group.

It's called connecting the dots.

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