LA Teacher's Classroom Outburst

Gary Fouse

This is one of the worst classroom rants by a teacher/professor that I have heard of. Gregory Salcido, a teacher at El Rancho High School near Los Angeles (and city councilman in Pico Rivera also near Los Angeles) took exception to a student wearing a Marine Corps shirt in his class. He then set off an a vulgar rant against people in the military. Fortunately, the student who was the target of his wrath began to record the rant on his cell phone.

Below are three news report on the incident.




Mr Salcido has his right to say what he thinks about the military. Nobody is going to arrest him. As for his continued employment as a teacher, the school has the right to consider the manner and tone of his remarks in front of his students and decide if this meets their professional expectations to say nothing of their commitment to make every student feel comfortable and in a positive learning environment. In my view, Mr Salcido has failed to live up to those standards.

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